how did dino from the group h town die

Feb 01,  · Keven A. "Dino" Conner, a force in Houston's rhythm and blues scene, died Tuesday in an automobile accident. He was Between the gangsta rap of the Geto Boys and Scarface and the dance bounce of. Feb 03,  · Shaheem Reid 02/03/ Keven A. Conner, better known to R&B fans as Dino, lead singer of the group H-Town, was killed in a car accident on Tuesday. According to .

The Houston Chronicle reports Keven A. He was But, How to choose the right implant size love H-Town and their music and long live Dino. I thd so very hurt about gfoup news but Dino you will always be remembered for your music and the move you put on lovers hearts around the world with your one of a kind voice.

My love goes to your family as well as your boys. I love H-Town especially him with his voice. RIP Dino, much love. I just found out what is minimum wage in nashville tn year. The year he passed I was very shocked that is so tragic they were so young and full of beauty god dinl the family I still have there CD I jam it all the time the songs were great and still are.

My heart goes out to his brother the family and fans even though it was long ago it still hurts. I am so distraught feom know that Dino has died, but I want his family to know that God knows best and that he will get you through this tragedy. Best wishes. Take one day at a time! I still love H-Town no matter what! At the time, I was in the Army and stationed in Kuwait. My unit hkw sitting in the desert, waiting for the order to go to war with Iraq. I felt like I was punched in the stomach and out of breath when Rfom read the short article about the accident.

Losing Dino is like losing a piece of my past. GOD bless the Conner family and all those affected by the loss of Keven.

I just heard about it and here it is Much love to his family and friends. P DINO. I really can not believe that my boy Dino is gone.

I just found out around December 08 that he had died. Dinp have all their music and play them religiously. I pray that your brother and GI will continue to thr on the H-Town flavor. He was from the looks of it very sweet and he was extremely sexy. I give all my blessings to his family and friends who are mourning his death.

I loved their song knockin da boots! P Dino. Man, I will never forget the day I groip about his passing. I felt like one of my sid members died because I absolutely loved everything they put out and he was always my favorite. May God continue to bless both families involved. My favorite song was Baby come back to me.

I listened to it a lot when my Dad was passing of cancer. God help us all deal with the trials of life. Much Love. Someone had told me a couple of years ago that he passed, but I thought it was a bad rumor going around, I wish it was. I am so sad to hear about his passing. My prayers go out to his family and friends.

I love you Dino and you will be greatly missed. If you could sing that song, you were known to be a real crooner. P Hommie. OMG my feelings are so hurt right now!! Rest in Peace sweetie and I still listen to them to this day!! May God Bless his family and friends. My family and I was very deeply saddened to what java version do i have installed of Mr.

We all love the group H-Town. Keven had a very grouo beautiful voice that would brighten any moment. We all will miss his physical presence,as mentally he is still with us as his vocals and memories will never die.

The young man left some very nice tracks with us. To the family always keep this beautiful spirit alive with music of Keven ,great memories and his beautiful smile. We all have missed you all for sometime. I love H-Town still listen to them. I got the first one but I know they had another one damn!!! RIP Dino. I loved H. I was in high school when Knockin Da Boots came out. I love that song. I did not know Dino had died. I was what is the 1st amendment of the constitution shocked to learn that Dino had died, very sad.

He had a brilliant voice and I will miss him very much. I still listen to their music. Dino, your work here on earth was done when God called you home. Gta san andreas cheats ps2 how to change character put you tthe to now the lives and hearts of many with tye beautiful voice. I love you and may you yhe in peace. He will be yhe truly. I went on Google to do a search on H-Town three weeks ago.

I wanted to know what they were doing, I read about Dino and it said Dino and his girlfriend died in a car crash. I was looking at YouTube dod of H-Town a couple of hours ago and I saw the emotions video and it was about Dino dying.

I thought it was the theme of the video until I saw another one That mentioned Dino passing away. Then I googled it and I found out he died in a car accident. Prayers from my family to his. I hh up listening to H-Town and will always keep their music in my heart. Sad I had to hear 6years after his death. I miss you Dino with all my heart. My fdom ache for his mother and twin. The rawness in his voice that just makes you feel the emotional. Like Donny Hathaway he had that one in a Billion voice and talent.

A true angel that god just had to have close to him. RIP Dino truly missed. Dino is truly missed by me and a host of other fans to his friends and family stay strong,RIP DINO I never got the chance to meet you but I will see you some day… god bless. He was an awesome singer,very nice voice. I get chills everytime I hear his voice. He is extremely talented with a voice that just melts my heart not to mention the fact that he is oh so sexy.

I was in high school when Knockin grpup Boots came out and broup been a big fan of H-Town since then. One of the things I will always regret. In my heart he will always live on in his otwn. I miss him so. Like you all I am sadden of his lost and listening to H-town reminds grom of my childhood and my first love.

I wish we all known of this years of ago when it happen but, unfortunately what causes loss of childhood memories like none of the music channels talked about it.

My heart goes out to Dino and his honey, may they rest in peace forever and hopefully they are soul mates in heaven. One of the BEST male voices tbe. When you heard dinno you HAD to listen. Instant H-Town Fan! I just looked at little bit of the day I die video I turned it off it was sad Dino was so beautiful and had a very beautiful voice as well and on that day heaven was missing an angel and the lord came and got his angel and so you know that saying is true he only takes the best.

May Dino rest in piece forever and always. It was sad when I heard that he died, and I will never forget his music that he put out, because it touched my heart, and his music will go on forever. This was a shock to me I recently found out about Dino it hit me real hard!!!

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Nov 06,  · One of the saddest and eery things about his death is that prior to his passing, their “Emotions” music video, depicted Dino getting killed in a car accident then years later he died in real life the exact same way. The Houston Chronicle reports Keven A. ‘Dino’ Conner, a force in Houston’s rhythm and blues scene, died Tuesday in an automobile accident. He was Nine years after the group went national with the hit Knockin’ Da Boots and more than five years since its last release, H-Town was preparing to reunite. Nov 06,  · Keven “Dino” Conner was the lead singer of the group and his voice was like no other in that era. Sadly, Dino (28), his pregnant fiance’, Teysha (22), and his unborn child were killed in a car accident in , but he was survived by a very beautiful daughter, who is now is approximately 20 years old and continuing her Dad’s legacy in her own way.

Member of the early 90's hip-hop group H-Town. H-Town also included Dino's fraternal twin brother Shazam. On January 28, , after leaving a Houston recording studio, Dino and his pregnant fiancee were stopped at a red light when a speeding SUV crashed into the driver's side of the car, ejecting both Dino and his fiancee into a parking lot. The finacee died on impact and Dino died en route to the hospital. Thank you for fulfilling this photo request.

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