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Belly Button Piercing Pain Level or How Bad Do Belly Button Piercings Hurt

Jan 14,  · Belly Button Piercing Pain When compared to other piercings, belly button piercings are generally low on the pain scale and can be compared to ear lobe piercings when trying to imagine how much one might hurt. While you should expect at least a little sharp pain and pinching, the procedure will be over very quickly. The belly button piercing scene has been developing in prominence in the previous couple of years. It appears whether you're a VIP, a college going student, or only a man who supposes they'd look cool with some navel bling, belly button piercings are the current thing to do. But underneath that energy, individuals have about getting their new navel jewelry, there even seems to be a.

Although hhrt saw waning popularity in the s, it has made a comeback like none other. Typically, the navel piercing pierces the skin above your belly button. This allows the jewelry to hang inside of the belly button. Because of the location of the belly button piercing, which will often be hidden under clothing, there are a few things to keep in mind during the healing process. When it comes to navel piercings, timing can be everything.

Since the skin around the navel is quite fleshy, belly piercings hurt less than other piercing types, like cartilage piercings. However, you are receiving a puncture hole, so there will be some pain involved. Most claim that the navel piercing pinches similarly to an immunization.

The good news is that the process is quick, and any initial piercing pain will be brief. This is normal. If the pain becomes too much to bear, speak to a medical professional. The navel piercing takes some time to heal. In a matter of weeks, it will appear healed, but buttln takes between 3 to 6 months for the piercing to heal internally. During that time, you need to keep up aftercare practices, including avoiding swimming. In some cases, it takes up to a year to completely piercing, so make sure to talk to your piercer before stopping hurh practices.

Stay away from the beach. Warm areas are where belly piercings shine. Sandy beaches can bring foreign particles into the piercing, which could cause infection. Make sure your initial jewelry is the right size. Rejection and migration can occur in any piercing, but it seems to be relatively common in the navel piercing. Rejection can happen for many reasons—such as using cheap metal for your jewelry—but often it comes down to the size of your jewelry.

Wait to opt for dangle belly button rings until your piercing is fully healed. Rejected jewelry is rarely life-threatening, but it will leave permanent scars. Conduct a saline soak or salt bath daily. The location of the navel piercing makes it difficult to keep clean, but there is an easy solution to this.

Put the solution in a small paper cup, large enough to accommodate your belly button jewelrylean over the cup to dip your piercing inside, and press the rim of the cup to your belly, suctioning the cup to your body.

For the duration of the 5-minute soak, you can nutton carefully move around with the cup on your belly. Be careful with your clothing. New belly jewelry is so easily snagged. A massive snare could rip the jewelry completely out of your belly button. Choose clothing items beply few hoow to snag on. Your initial navel piercing jewelry will be a basic, non-dangle belly ring.

Almost universally, you will be pierced with a 14G needle. You can opt for a 12G or 16G, but your piercer might recommend against it; the 14G is industry standard for safety concerns. Be sure to have a piercer make the jewelry change during healing. You doo choose to continue the non-dangle style. A standard belly ring offers a glint of sparkle in your belly button, drawing attention while remaining understated.

You can get glamorous jewelry how much do belly button piercings hurt buttton or other what color pants with green shirt or cute navel rings with charms and other fun items.

For a little more flair, buttton out dangle belly rings. A dangle belly ring will feature a charm dangling from the bottom of the ring, offering a cute look right below the piercinys button. Dangle belly rings look extra adorable with bikinis or other outfits that show off how much do belly button piercings hurt body.

Reverse dangle belly rings feature charms that dangle from the top of the piefcings rather than the bottom. The jewelry will cascade in front of the belly button.

The reverse dangle belly ring style is perfect for those who love extravagant jewelry options and want their belly how to disinfect my computer to take center stage. Some people might what kind of hard drive does the ps4 use be able to get a belly piercing, based on their anatomy.

A belly piercing takes some time to heal. In the springtime, you might be hut to get your navel pierced because summer is coming, and you what is t- cell therapy it will look super cute with your new swimsuit.

That way, you can have plenty of time to heal before you reveal your piercing over the summer. Be wary; a navel piercing can sometimes take up to a year to heal, so be sure to talk to your piercer before hopping into piercinbs pool.

Besides the fact that a mcuh piercing needs a strong immune system, your changing belly size will affect your new piercing, which could cause complications. As with any piercing, opt for experience over price. Never choose a piercer who uses a piercing gun. You might think that the belly button piercing is pretty straightforward, but there are variations to this popular piercing.

The bottom belly button piercing pierces the skin below the belly button, rather than above. This piercing is great for those who would prefer jewelry that hangs lower than the standard belly piercing. The double belly button piercing allows for a bit piedcings variety. Essentially, it consists of an additional piercing either above, below, or to the side of your belly button piercing.

Vertical double piercings seem to be the most popular. The vertical double belly piercing consists of a regular belly piercing and the bottom hlw button piercing. You can choose a standard belly ring for each piercing, creating an alluring aesthetic. You can also get creative with charms and dangles to create a stunning cascading effect. Close search. Dermal Threaded Ends. Eyebrow Rings. Hugt Rings.

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New Arrivals. Gift Cards. Table of Contents How much does the belly button piercing hurt? How much will it cost? Belly piercing variations.

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Mar 03,  · Belly button piercing pain level or scale. To help illustrate to you how painful a belly button piercing is or how bad it does hurt, we are going to use a pain scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being least painful and 10 being most painful. The average navel piercing pain level is about Jun 26,  · On a scale of , belly button piercing pain is around three to five. Although as we mentioned above, the exact level of pain will vary from person to person. My Navel Piercing Experience from Hell We all have our own pain tolerances, so I am going to start with my personal experience of getting my navel pierced. Apr 16,  · Not all piercings are created equal. Some hurt much more than others, and some may have longer healing times that can be uncomfortable for months. Belly button piercing pain level.

Does it hurt to get your belly button pierced or is navel piercing painful? What is the expected pain scale for this procedure compared to ear, nose or tongue piercings? Can you experience pain after navel piercing? Learn how bad a belly button piercing hurts during and after the process as well as tips to ease the pain.

Sit relax while we try to give you want to expect. To begin with, you deserve to know that during the actual process of piercing, some people report a sharp pricking pain that does not last for long i.

This pain is comparable to small pinch, prick or a little pressure as the needle is passing through your navel and comparable to the pain of a needle passing through your soft tissue like lip or earlobe. While considering whether it hurts to get your belly button pierced or not, do not ignore the cramping pain. The clamping can also cause considerable pain to which some say exceeds the actual piercing pain.

Also, some people experience the most pain and pressure when the jewelry is being inserted. Whether it is a bottom or top navel piercing, the pain will be comparable. However, if you are going for a double navel piercing, it means two piercings will be made and you will experience the pain during each of the two piercings. Re-piercing piercing-belly again or second time , piercing through scar tissue or choosing a bigger size of piercing needle in case you want a bigger jewelry gauge might have an impact on overall pain experienced.

To help illustrate to you how painful a belly button piercing is or how bad it does hurt, we are going to use a pain scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being least painful and 10 being most painful. The average navel piercing pain level is about If we do a belly button piercing pain comparison with other piercings, it hurts more or less as eyebrow, earlobe, and tongue. However, it is less painful when compared to the nostril, labret, cartilage, nipple and genital area piercings.

However, some people claim that navel piercing hurts more than ear, tongue or eyebrow piercing. It is hard to tell who is right or wrong because of the different levels of tolerance to pain that people have. Age does not matter when it comes to pain experienced, whether you pierce it at 13, 14, 15, 18 or any age i.

During the first few days, some people might experience a little dull throbbing pain and soreness. Kelly had a piercing at the age of 13 and she notes that the actual process was not painful. However, if you experience pain during the first cleaning, do not worry, this might be the normal sting caused by saline solution. Finally, if you are pregnant, it is normal to experience mild pain as your womb expands.

This is why most doctors will advise you to switch to flexible jewelry or remove them completely. In case of pain comes after a few days, weeks, months or after you have completely healed, it could be an infection. Do not be surprised if you begin experiencing navel piercing pain after a year or after several years. Pain especially throbbing pain , redness, swelling, bruising, bad odor, and oozing of pus are among the common symptoms of infected nave piercings.

Be careful not to have your piercing infected since infected navel piercings hurt very much compared to other piercings such as ear, nose or tongue. It is important to follow the given aftercare instructions to help stop infections. Furthermore, friction caused by clothes rubbing on your navel piercing before it is fully healed can cause not only pain but also increase the risk of getting an infection.

If you have a low pain tolerance level, obviously you are looking for ways to ease navel piercing pain. Some of the great ways to stop or reduce the pain include going to a qualified piercer, taking a deep breath during the process, being relaxed, using topical numbing cream which might only help you psychologically since most do little and having the piercing be done quickly.

If the piercing hurts afterward, try OTC painkillers such as ibuprofen, avoid excessive cleaning but keep it very clean.

In addition, do not touch your piercings, sleep on it or expose it to physical trauma. Finally, try anti-inflammatory medications, and follow any other aftercare instructions given by your piercer. It is not easy to come up with one answer on how bad a belly button piercing dues hurt.

We thought it wise to give you so many experiences from different people to help you guess or tell what you will expect during the process:. Of course, it hurt. It hurts more when it is healing, as I recall it has been pierced for almost 10 years now. There will be pain that is for sure, but not so much. For some, it is just a pinch, for others slightly more. The more you stress about it, the more the pain. They can take up to a year to heal though. With this discussion, I hope you can guess what it feels like to get your belly button pierced or how much does getting your belly button pierced hurt.

One sure fact is that belly ring piercing hurts but not so much. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How bad does it hurt during actual piercing? Contents How bad does it hurt during actual piercing? Pain after belly button piercing Is it an infection that is causing pain on my belly button piercing? How to deal with navel button pain Testimonies on whether getting your belly button pierced hurt badly or not. Belly Button jewelry pain Piercing.

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