how to fix broken cigarette lighter in car

Car Cigarette Lighter Not Working Fuse OK

Fixing the cigarette lighter in a car is pretty easy, that even a novice can do it. HereТs how you can repair a faulty one. Faulty Lighter; Fix Your Fuse; Clean The Inside The Socket; Damaged Socket; Disconnected Wire; Though a faulty cigarette lighter is not a serious issue, it can be quite an inconvenience really. Jun 07, †Ј Using a toothpick, pick out any dirt or contaminants inside the socket. Remove the loosened bits using a car vacuum. Check again your lighter socket if itТs working. If itТs not working, then your cigarette lighter is defective and needs to be loveescortus.comted Reading Time: 7 mins.

Cigarette lighter, as understated it is, you have to agree that it is a vital accessory in your car. Imagine those road cigarehte without being able to charge your mobile phones or tabs. Fixing the cigarette lighter in a car is pretty easy, that even a novice can do it. Though a faulty cigarette lighter is not a serious issue, it can be quite an inconvenience really. You can handle any simple problems, including a blown fuse, by yourself at home.

But, when it comes to faults in the wiring, only a mechanic can fix it for you. Your lighter or charger, whatever you use, maybe the cause of the problem. If you are using a cigarette lighter, inspect the coil face. Check for tobacco remains stuck to the coil, or maybe the coil face in itself is broken.

The only way to verify the integrity of the lighter is to plug it in another car and test it there. Or maybe you do not use a lighter but use a phone charger. In this case, it might be the charger cable that is the issue or the contact points. In the case of a mobile charger, there are three contact points, with one in the center and two on either side of it. They are spring-loaded to fit snugly inside the socket.

Or you could try another charger if you have any. Like I said earlier, when it comes to dead cigarette lighters, the issue lies with the fuse at least 90 percent of the time.

There can be any number of reasons why your fuse blew. If that is not the case, it might be because you plugged in a device that drew in more current than the socket can handle. In this case, your only option is how to make thick porridge change the fuse.

But if you used an inverter on the socket, the chances are that it is not designed to keep the current within the level mentioned above, and any plugged electronics can burn the fuse. Coming to cigarette lighter inverters, you are better off with one that plugs directly into the battery. Contaminants and debris get inside the socket all the time. Many a time, coins fall into the socket, and cgiarette not detected, it can cause a short circuit. However, you need to take care what is the esr test removing them since the circuit can still be hot and cause a short circuit.

Ensure that you do not use any metal objects to clean the socket. Use a toothpick to dislodge stubborn pieces and vacuum to remove them. Alternatively, if you know how to remove the socket, take it out and clean it meticulously.

If the socket work even after all these steps, you might want to check for issues within the socket itself. A damaged socket is another common reason, especially in older cars. Over the years, the metal parts are susceptible to corrosion. Let me ask you to stop right there. You do not replace it unless you are a mechanic yourself. If not, consult an expert to do it for you.

There is a reason why I have left this to the last. Even though you have the technical and theoretical knowledge to handle this, you better leave it to the experts like your mechanic. You require an automotive test light or voltmeter in the first place. Set the test light on brlken brass what is the best dubstep song ever right in the center of the socket.

And the ground on the metal rim on the outside. Turn on the ignition and check for current flow. An important point to cigsrette is that your fuse will blow if your test light touches the outer metal rim.

If you have a voltmeter, place the positive probe in the center and the ground in the outer rim. Turn on the ignition; You should get a reading of 12v, which means that the socket is working. Here is when you surrender your car over to the mechanic for them to check the wiring. If you are determined to do so yourself, this is how you do it. Remove the dashboard trim to reach for the wiring.

When the wiring is accessible, make sure everything is secure before removing it. The metal contacts should how to fix broken cigarette lighter in car nice hod tight. If the wiring connectors get cigarethe, the metal contacts can widen, resulting in a poor connection. In the case of widened metal contacts, use how to surf cast further to squeeze them back. If you find any burn marks, the wiring needs to be replaced.

In the majority of the cases, the issues related to cigarette lighter is due to a blown fuse. It is quite easy to replace it as long as you are careful and meticulous like every electrical component. The lighrer of the fuse box may be one of the below three places: Under the hood, trunk, or cabin. It varies contingent on the make and model of brokken car. There is also a possibility that your car has more than one fuse box.

Also, most modern cars come with replacement fuses in any one of these boxes. It may not be in the same box as the cigarette lighter fuse. The fuse box contains various fuses that control different electrical functions. Ensure that you identify the right fuse. Next, use a multimeter to find out whether the fuse is working or blown. If you hear a beep sound, the fuse is working. However, assuming that it is burnt, you may not hear anything. Once you confirm, you need the smallest needle nose plier you can find to extract the fuse.

Most modern vehicles come with a tool that looks and functions similar to a tweezer. If it is not present, you can use a needle nose plier to how to fix broken cigarette lighter in car the fuse. Grip the ends of the fuse firmly but not too hard else, you might break the fuse, making it difficult to extract.

Your fuse should look similar to a sim card xigarette slightly big. Hence the caution when extracting it. If you have a multimeter, you would have checked it out already. In case you do not possess one, you can identify a blown fuse just by looking at it. In both of the above cases, the fuse is of no good and you will have to replace it with a new cigarerte.

As said earlier, the fuse box contains different fuses for various other functions in the car. Each fuse is assigned a different color and number. Once you identify the blown fuse, you can use it to find the ccigarette replacement if present or buy a new one. Replacing the new fuse is not as difficult, but you need to be careful and ensure proper alignment. Make sure you do it gently, as the replacement may break with any sudden movement.

With the above steps, your cigarette lighter should work. For the former, you can try with a newly purchased fuse, but with the latter, you have to consult a mechanic. The cost of replacement depends on the issue at hand. There is a number of reasons why a cigarette lighter may fail. Any of the below can cause your fuse to blow:. This what are three main parts of the nervous system to save power wastage and to prolong the life of your brooken since cars these days come with many broekn devices.

It is not pleasant to find that your cigarette lighter not working when you are about how to help down syndrome child charge the phone. Fixing it is pretty much easy as long as the socket does not deteriorate or rust beyond use. Start with checking your accessory and then cleaning the debris out of the socket. Replacing a new fuse is not a big thing; even a novice can do it. I added detailed steps for you to lightr when coming to replacement.

Hi there! My name is Yusuke. I write about automotive topics for Car Proper. I love cars and have a passion for writing helpful articles on tools, car accessories, and how-to to help my readers solve their problems. In my spare time, I'm either working out, reading the book, or spending time with my family. I also work for a digital consulting agency. Home Contact Privacy Policy. Search Search for: Search. However, the question is, can you fix cigarette lighter plug all by yourself?

The Easiest Method: Is your fuse blown?

Step 1: Get access to the insides of your panel. Each car is different, so this step will vary. Look at your car manual, use Google, and reference Youtube videos to find out how to get access to the back of your panels. Step 2: Remove wires that hold the cigarette lighter port in loveescortus.comted Reading Time: 3 mins. The first thing you always do when you want to fix a broken item, is find out what it is that is actually broken. In your case, you need to figure out why the lighter does not work. It could be as easy as a burned fuse. Replace the fuse. It could be a bad element in the receiver. Test it in another car or try a different charger. ItТs soooo common for the problem to be in the phone plug connector or cable. The phone charger type plug has 3 contact points, one in the center and two each side. All must be clean and free from debris. The contact points are spring loaded so that they contact the inside of the lighter socket firmly, go ahead and check that the contacts are working. 2 Debris In The .

The problem is not much serious but certainly inconvenient if left repaired. But there is a question why is your car cigarette lighter not working? Whatever be the reason, the lighter sockets also offers several useful services such as charging GPS device, cams, phones, etc. Before gathering some ways to fix the socket, at first, you need to know why you want to fix it.

Everyone can have some personal reasons behind this but below are some of the common ones:. Now, you are aware of a few reasons to fix it in case your car cigarette lighter not working correctly. Below are some ways to fix the defects. At first, you need to test the lighter with the help of a circuit tester.

Place the clip end of the test light to the outer frame of the socket. Hold it on if clipping seems difficult. Next, use the longer end of the tester and try to touch the back of the socket. If the light turns on, it means the lighter has power.

In case it does not, the problem lies in the fuse. So, replace it. In this case, the problem may exist inside the lighter. The issue in the socket could be due to debris or any other random objects.

To resolve this, you will need to take out the whole socket and clean it thoroughly. Even after replacing the fuse and cleaning the lighter, your cigarette lighter is not working, this means the cigarette lighter is itself at fault.

If you see burning signs in the lighter it means, it may have short-circuited and you need to replace it with a new one. Further, also clean debris and other elements to avoid future defects. These were a few ways to fix car cigarette lighter not working properly.

Rather than spending dollars on fixing it through a professional car service center, it is better to learn some maintenance tips and do it yourself. Well, learning just a few tips would be certainly of great help. Tsukasa Azuma is an awesome car blogger of Car From Japan.

He owns a car repair shop at downtown Osaka, and he put all that experience to good use in his sharing posts. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Login with Google. Likes Followers Followers. Import used cars directly from Japan. Maintenance Tips. By Tsukasa Azuma Last updated Jan 12, 2. Tsukasa Azuma. You might also like More from author. Prev Next. Eddie gates says 3 years ago. Jason says 2 years ago. Where place the fuse in cigarrete lighterЕ and how to change the fuse?

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