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How to Fold a T-Shirt

Mar 28,  · We show you the step-by-step process on how to fold a t-shirt in under 2 seconds. Visit: for loads more how-to videos!Join Us On Face. Jun 12,  · How to fold a shirt under 2 seconds. This step by step guide shows you how to fold a shirt very quickly. Works on all short sleeved tops including t-shirts a.

This is the simple method vold most people default to. Lay the t-shirt out flat, face down, with the top of the shirt facing towards you. Fold shiry shirt in half from left to right, then fold the sleeves in towards the middle. Now fold the shirt in half from bottom to top.

You can either stop here or fold it in half again to take up less room. Shurt the shirt over and you are good to go. The how to draw things in text messages method is known as the army roll and is popular in the military for its efficient use of space. Lay the shirt out flat, face up, and then fold the bottom of the shirt up inches.

Smooth out the fabric to minimize wrinkles, then fold fod shirt into thirds. Start on the left side, folding it over the center. Then take the left sleeve and fold it back over the center. You will now do the same with the right side, bringing it over before folding the right sleeve back to the center. Now you are ready to start rolling.

Start at the collar end, making sure you keep the roll nice and tight. Once you get to the end you will undo the fold you created at the bottom of the shirt and tuck it over each end of hos roll to keep it in place.

The main disadvantages are that it takes slightly longer to do than how to spell french numbers of the other methods and you still may end up with some wrinkles and creases from the tight roll. The jow advantage of this method is you will avoid the creases and wrinkles sometimes caused by the other methods. Despite the big plus, there are a couple of downsides going this route. This final method is my favorite.

Lay the shirt out flat, smoothing it out to remove any wrinkles. You are going to imagine two lines, one that goes across the middle of the shirt, and one that goes top to bottom between the collar and rold left sleeve.

Where the lines intersect is going to be point A, the top of the shirt is going to hoq point B, and the bottom of the shirt is point C. Stand on the right side of the shirt and pinch point A with your left hand. Make sure to grab both the top and bottom layer sshirt fabric.

Pinch point B with your right hand, then bring point B down to point C. You will now uncross your arms and lay the shirt face down on the table. Use the table to fold the shirt until you have an even amount of fabric on each side of the shirt.

If you want how to fix a broken vacuum hose can fold it again in the middle to take up a bit less space. With a little bit of practice — you can become lightning fast at this method. There is truly no faster way to fold a shirt. There you go, gentlemen — 4 ways to fold a t-shirt. But how to store t-shirts properly between wears? It turns out there are at least 4 ways to fold a t-shirt.

Scroll how to fold a t shirt video to watch the video and read vidfo instructions snirt each method.

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wikiHow Quick Video on How to Fold a Shirt. To fold a T-shirt, first lay it out front-side up on a flat surface and spread out any wrinkles with the palms of your hands. Then, grab the left edge of the shirt at the top and bottom and fold it over the center so that the left side meets the right edge of the neck. Fold the left sleeve back on top of the section you just folded. Sep 05,  · This video shows how to fold a shirt in 15 seconds flat. For a guaranteed wrinkle-free shirt, fold it neatly using a simple trick. This video shows how to fold a shirt in 15 seconds flat. How to Fold a T-Shirt. Save shelf or drawer space—and keep your shirts wrinkle-free—with this speedy folding method. By Real Simple. September 04, Jul 10,  · Have you forgotten how to save time folding shirts? Check out this quick refresher version of my earlier video.

Whether you're travelling and want to save space in your suitcase or you just want to know how to fold your T- shirts properly, read our guide below. There you have it gents — 4 ways to keep your shirts looking neat and wrinkle-free for years to come! Every man owns one. The Basic Fold. Lay your shirt face down and smooth out any wrinkles.

Imagine a vertical line running down the center of the shirt and then fold it in half along this line so the opposing sleeves touch. You should now have something that resembles a t-shirt cut in half. Fold the sleeves back and over the body before folding the whole garment in half again, lengthwise. The Marine Roll. As you may have guessed, the Marine Roll is taught in the military and is a neat and efficient way to pack your t-shirts when space is at a premium.

Folding your t-shirts properly is great if you're travelling have limited storage but the best way to avoid fold lines and to ensure your shirt remains wrinkle-free is to hang it up.

Make sure you use plastic or wooden hangers — never wire. And shoulder nipples are never a good look. The 2-Second Fold. This is a tricky technique and even more even more tricky to explain so ensure you watch the tutorial and practice, practice, practice.

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