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Oct 28,  · I am a fast reader, but I need to earn AR points fast. I can't take tests on harry potter books or the twilight series because i have done so in the past. So help!!! (plus, i am looking for good books to read anyway. If anyone has input on a good book i well happily take it). Accelerated Reader AR Points tricks hints guides reviews promo codes easter eggs and more for android application. Avoid Accelerated Reader AR Points hack cheats for your own safety, choose our tips and advices confirmed by pro players, testers and users like you. Ask a question or add answers, watch video tutorials & submit own opinion about this game/app.

Almost all the content and resources in the game depend on your Adventure Rank level—the higher your AR, the more quests you unlock and the more rewards you get from monsters, dungeons and bosses. Daily Commission quests give you the highest amount of Adventurer EXP with the least amount of time and effort, so this should be your top priority once you login.

Archon Quests follow the storyline of your main character a. Traveler and give you the most amount of Adventurer EXP. However, they can only be what did colin ireland died of once and are usually locked by certain Adventure Rank Ooints.

Similar to Archon Quests, they are unlocked upon reaching certain AR levels. Other Story Quests also need to be pointss with keys which you can earn by clearing 8 Daily Commissions. Whenever you see blue exclamation marks on NPCs or on the minimap, make sure to talk to them and clear the quests for that sweet, sweet EXP points.

Some are quick errand tasks such as clearing a Hilichurl camp, while others may take longer but give more rewards. There are three types of Domains which give you either Artifacts, Weapon Ascension materials, or Talent materials as rewards. Hunting bosses are not only a great way to rank up fast, but also to farm much needed Ascension materials and Artifacts for your characters. You can repeatedly hunt these bosses for as long as you have the Resin.

There are also 3 more powerful bosses that pounts can hunt once a week. Ley Line Outcrops are also challenges in a random location in the map where you must defeat a small group of mobs. It may be time-consuming at first, but it will definitely help in the long run as you need to quickly teleport to specific locations in the world.

Anemoculus how to get ar points fast Geoculus can be offered to Statues of the Seven to increase their level, giving you lots of Adventure EXP points and increasing your max Stamina. It might be difficult and time-consuming to find all the Oculi across the map, so we have two tips poihts make it much easier to collect them. First, use this Genshin Impact Interactive Map which shows you the locations of all what size is 40 in christian louboutin Oculi in the game.

You can click on the pins to read comments from actual players ti tips on how to locate Oculi that are hard to find. These are consumable items that will tell you the exact location of one random Anemoculus in Mondstadt or Geoculus in Liyue. The recipe for these gadgets can be obtained by reaching Reputation Level 2 on Mondstadt for Anemoculus or Liyue for Geoculus.

They are a bit costly to craft though especially for a one-time use consumable item, so we still recommend using the interactive map first and just use these resonance stones as a last resort. There are hundreds of chests scattered around the map and you should be able to stumble upon them while exploring the map.

They are a bit harder to obtain though—you must reach Reputation Level 7 on either city to get the crafting recipe. However, once you do craft a compass and equip it, they are not one-time consumable gadgets and you can repeatedly use it. The only catch is it has a cooldown of 5 seconds if there are no nearby chests, and 30 seconds if there is. Some examples of these tasks include opening N chests, cooking N dishes, or enhancing artifacts to a certain level.

Clearing all the tasks in the current Chapter gives you more rewards such as Mora and Primogems. Then it unlocks the hhow chapter for another set of tasks. However, if you want to get to higher AR levels as quickly as possible, then we definitely recommend you to prioritize those that give higher EXP but take the least amount of time and effort to do, such as Daily Commissions.

Using the tips and strategies in this guide, you should definitely reach higher Adventure Rank and World Levels in no time! Skip to content. Contents hide. Clear Daily Commission Quests.

Spend Resin on Domains. Clear Ley Line What is the best fabric for furniture with pets. Unlock Teleport Waypoints and Statues of the Seven.

Collect Fasg and Geoculus. Hunt for Treasure Chests. Finish Adventurer Handbook Tasks. More Guides!

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Dec 03,  · Accelerated Reading? If you're talking about that, I suggest taking some non-fiction books. Some of them can give you decent points while they're only 30 pages long, maybe? Also, I . Military Education: one of the fastest way to earn points for military education is through Correspondence, ALMS, JKO courses or Skill port courses. You can earn a total of 78 promotion points for SGT and 84 for SSG through online courses and hands down is the fastest and easiest of any way to gain any points. I'm a computer programmer (yes, at 13 years old) and my school adopted the AR program when I was in 5th grade (I'm in 8th now), so since I had to get x amount of points to maintain a good average. Now, I didn't mind too much about the reading part, BUT, instead of reading my computer books, I had to read all of these fiction books that didn't.

Accelerated Reader AR points are awarded based on performance on the AR quizzes and the level of the book read, says About.

It's possible to earn more AR points by reading more books, reading more difficult or lengthy books and performing well on AR quizzes. In the AR program, there is a quiz following each book read; the quizzes focus on levels of understanding. The number of points possible for each quiz depends on the level of the book. If the score is below 60 percent on an AR quiz, it's regarded as a fail and no points are allocated, according to About. A score between 60 percent and 99 percent is awarded with partial points.

If the score is percent, the most points possible for that particular book are awarded. The Basilica School in Florida offers tips for helping parents who want to help their child earn more AR points.

These include encouraging reading at home, praising good quiz scores, asking the child about the book he or she is reading and making sure he or she is reading books at the appropriate level. Plew Elementary in Florida suggests helping the child make book choices and, if allowed, supervising the child during AR quizzes at school. More From Reference.

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