how to get the squirtbottle in pokemon soul silver

The SquirtBottle is obtained by first beating Goldenrod's Gym and then speaking to the woman in the house to the right of the Gym. She'll give you it. You must first go to Goldenrod City and defeat the gym leader there. Once done, get the badge from her and find a small house just to the right of the gym. Aug 20, †Ј Hi Guys!! I am continuing my Pokemon Soul Silver series. I am showing you all how to get the squirt bottle, get past sudowoodo, get on to route 36, and conti.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. To get it to move you have to beat the Normal Gym in Goldenrod city. There is what is the oldest tree in the united states a siul with a lady who has a ton of plants in her house. Talk to her and she will give you a squirt bottle.

Walk up to the tree and use the squirt bottle. You will then enter a battle with the angered Sudowoodo. You can then either catch it or or just defeat it. Either way it will be gone and it wont come back so I suggest trying to catch it because it's the only time you can get one without trading. Trending News. Pesky turtle messes with lions Ч and gets away with it. Recently retired Pats star lands TV gig.

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RE: On pokemon soul silver, how can i get the sudo wudo to move on route 36? Spray him with water, ppkemon should be exactly the same as in pokemon silver.

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Nov 09, †Ј HOW TO GET squirtbottle in Pokemon gold and silver. Questions like: Where to find squirtbottle in Pokemon? squirtbottle Location in Pokemon? Where to find. Sep 14, †Ј PatreonLink: Accepted Answer. In Goldenrod City, after you beat the Gym leader, go to the house above and to the right of the Gym. A lady in there gives you the Squirtbottle. User Info: SmokeRulz.

To awaken it, you need to receive the SquirtBottle from the girl in the Goldenrod Flower Shop after defeating Whitney. Use the item on Sudowoodo and it will battle you. Lapras is unique in that it will appear every Friday within the Union Cave's Basement. Even if you capture it the previous week, another will appear the Friday afterwards. You need Surf to reach the Lapras so you cannot get it until after you have beaten Morty.

Before you reach Mahogany Town, you will be informed of problems at the Lake of Rage. Once you get there, you will discover that a Gyarados is rampaging in the lake. To calm it, you need to capture it or defeat it. Once defeated, Lance will request your help in stopping Team Rocket. Snorlax is blocking off the entrance to the Diglett's Cave and to the rest of Route This limits your Kanto activities somewhat and you will have to go around and do a subquest to get it.

Use the item on Sudowoodo and it will battle you Sudowoodo Level Trainer Memo:??? Date of Obtaining Obtained at Route Met at Level Lapras Level Date of Obtaining Obtained at Union Cave.

Gyaradoss Level Date of Obtaining Obtained at Lake of Rage. When at Lavender Town, you will discover that the Radio Tower is not receiving any power so you need to go to the Power Plant to investigate. Once you go there, you will learn that the generator is missing a part and then learnof a shady character in Cerulean City. Enter the Cerulean Gym and you will encounter a Rocket Grunt. He will quickly run out and you can find him on Route Battle him and he will tell you he left the Machine Part in Cerulean Gym's liferings.

Collect the Machine Part and take it to the Power Plant and power will be restored. If you defeat it without capturing, it will return in Route 12 after you have beaten the Elite Four again Snorlax Level

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