how to inhale weed without burning my throat

How to Inhale Weed Efficiently and Safely

Put your mouth over the top of the bong and draw in the smoke. Like a bowl, you need to let fresh air into the process so you can get more of a bang for your inhale. Since there is no carb hole in a bong, the bowl is your carb hole. When ready, pull the bowl out from the bong and continue inhaling. Now that you have all the fundamentals learning how to inhale weed is easy: Light the cannabis but try to move the fire in and out of the marijuana as you light. Once any part of the plant is lit you then want to inhale no more than 2 seconds directly into your lungs. Avoid holding the smoke in your.

Somehow there's a belief among some people that coughing from smoking weed makes you higher. Well, it doesn't. Coughing is annoying, especially when it's accompanied by a burning throat. In those scenarios you do end up coughing, there are a few things you could do differently while smoking to ensure the hit is smoother. If your bud is old and dried up, it will burn faster, making the smoke thicker and hotter.

This is known to cause a lot of extra coughing and burn. Low-grade weed is also a common culprit. As expected, a fat hit of pot laced with toxic substances will inevitably make you cough.

This is the most comfortable and effective way to inhale cannabis. Also keep in mind, that swallowing the smoke yes, this happens sometimes isn't good for you either. Not only will you not get high, but it could lead to stomach discomfort. This one is pretty self-explanatory. A percolator is an additional water compartment that serves as an extra filter, so to speak. It allows for a higher water to smoke ratio, thereby cooling down the smoke and making it much smoother to how to get to boston from philadelphia. An ice chamber is a small section of notches, normally fairly close to the mouthpiece, where you would put one or two ice cubes to further cool the smoke.

Another accessory to consider is a diffuser for your bong. Circular polarizer how to use allows the smoke to make better contact with the water by mixing with it in smaller and more equally spaced portions. Instead of actually burning the marijuana, a vaporizer uses high, indirect heat to turn the buds into vapor that contains the active ingredients. Although the above list is quite thorough, here are a few more precautions you could take and things to keep in mind.

Whatever option or options you decide to go with, we hope our tips help you enjoy a much smoother and more relaxing smoking experience. Related Article.

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It’s best to do a slow, deep inhale and let the smoke gently fill your lungs, then after about 1 second, slowly exhale. This is the most comfortable and effective way to inhale cannabis. Also keep in mind, that swallowing the smoke (yes, this happens sometimes) isn't good for you either. Use A Vaporizer. If you want to avoid coughing when inhaling weed, use a vaporizer. Vaporizers are quickly becoming the go-to option for smoking weed, especially for first-time users. For one, it’s great since it allows you to smoke weed without combustion, thus you’re safely and efficiently inhaling weed. How to Smoke Weed Without CoughingThere is nothing more frustrating than coughing up a lung every time you take a hit. Most people don’t receive a formal les.

Learning how to inhale weed properly is not only important for absorbing the THC correctly , but also for your health. Due to the pandemic still at large, we can all agree that lung health is important going into , right? Whether you are a beginner or a veteran smoker, you may be surprised to find out you have been inhaling weed wrong the whole time! Did you know if you inhale marijuana the wrong way you may introduce harmful resin and tar into your lungs? Skip below for the steps on how to inhale marijuana correctly, but we recommend you keep reading so you can learn how to smoke while also protecting your lungs.

Popular depiction of people smoking marijuana has always been someone taking a large rip, and holding the smoke in until they have a rather intense coughing fit. That is exactly the opposite of what correct marijuana consumption looks like. Let's face it, the entire point of smoking marijuana is so you can reap the amazing benefits of this wonder plant and the THC. All it really achieves is a far greater amount of tar being deposited in the lungs".

Holding your breath actually tricks your brain into thinking you are higher because of lack of oxygen to the brain. So take it easy on that blunt and your lungs, just a simple 2 second pull and you will still get all the maximum THC you need. When you smoke marijuana you breathe in small bits of tar and resin, these particles travel down your throat and fall onto the tissues of your lungs.

Check out this filter and how it looks like after just 5 bong rips. Yes, all that tar and resin would have otherwise entered your lungs! In order to inhale weed safely and smoothly, you must be sure to use the appropriate tools. The importance of knowing how to inhale weed properly is for your health as well.

The weed resin in lungs is something we should try to avoid as severely as possible when smoking marijuana. Mooselabs has collaborated with, Dr. Mary Clifton , to help spread the message that the Mouth Peace is proven to prevent tar and resin from entering your lungs with any cannabis smoking method.

You can use the MouthPeace for bongs and dab rigs and the MouthPeace Mini for joints, blunts, and vapes. Many cannabis smokers are taking harsher rips, holding the marijuana smoke for longer periods of time, and aiming to cough in order to get more high.

Coughing after smoking weed is not a sign of success. To prevent coughing you may want to switch to smoking devices that have a cooling effect such as ice bongs or using a percolator. Coughing may be your body trying to expel foreign elements such as resin and tar from your lungs, so using a MouthPeace will prevent this from happening as well.

Furthermore, we discovered it is a myth you need to hold your breathe upon inhaling THC. When you hold your breath, regardless of whether or not weed smoke is in your lungs, you get a head rush. The truth is, the head rush comes from oxygen deprivation, not from THC penetration.

Simply put, yes. There have been test where users inhaled the marijuana smoke into their mouth but not their lungs and exhaled.

The majority of users did not get high. So if you want to experience THC you are going to have to inhale the smoke into your lungs. It's a safe bet to always count to 2 seconds from when you begin inhalation. So once the cannabis is lit and you begin inhaling, the duration from which you inhale directly into your lungs should at most be 2 seconds.

As we discussed earlier coughing is a sign of failure. The tar and resin falls onto the tissue of your lungs and this can be prevented by using a Triple Carbon Filter such as the MouthPeace. We should always aim to not cough when smoking marijuana. With 16 months of research and development, Moose Labs created the MouthPeace which uses a powerful triple-layered carbon filter system to keep your lungs free of tar and other harmful irritants.

Proven medically, Mooselabs is the best way to smoke cannabis. Simply put, the MouthPeace filters out any tar, germs, or carcinogens when you inhale your weed. Take a look at the triple carbon filter MouthPeace in action as it filters out 1 gram of flower and 1 gram of shatter. It's no wonder so many people are experiencing coughing up resin when smoking.

The proper inhalation process when smoking weed from a blunt, spliff, or joint is important for the rolled cannabis so that it burns evenly and smoothly. The most efficient way to smoke weed with rolling supplies is with a blunt filter or a joint filter. Learning how to inhale a joint is simple, you want to first draw the weed smoke into your mouth. Doing this makes for a smoother, more enjoyable hit. This is where the magic happens.

No need to constrict your breathing for more than 2 seconds. The proper inhalation process when smoking out of anything with a carb, i. The Moose Labs MouthPeace is important for this method. Because of the fact that you're inhaling smoke straight to your lungs, the triple-layered carbon filter protects your lungs from resin deposit while savoring the taste of the marijuana and reserving all the THC to hit straight to your lungs. You know the resin that builds up in your favorite bong after multiple uses before cleaning?

Yea, that same resin builds up on your lungs if you inhale weed without a MouthPeace. Furthermore, sharing bongs with friends when smoking weed socially, the MouthPeace protects each smoker from germs when passing after each toke. The proper way to inhale weed is an important process for many reasons. Of these listed reasons, your lung health is the top priority. But without a MouthPeace, inhaling weed properly will only prevent you from coughing but will not protect your lungs from all the unwanted toxins.

Let us know in the comment section your experience smoking weed now that you know the proper way to inhale. Search 0 Cart. More from the blog. Previous Next. How To Inhale Weed Properly in D No need to worry, we will be breaking down everything you need to know to smoke weed correctly. Let's take a look at 3 expert tips that will help you smoke weed correctly and safely. The big question remains: should you hold in weed smoke to absorb more THC? How to Prevent Tar and Resin from Entering Lung When you smoke marijuana you breathe in small bits of tar and resin, these particles travel down your throat and fall onto the tissues of your lungs.

Your body naturally fights this by producing mucus to clean the lungs out by coughing. Invalid Password. This site uses cookies to improve your visit. Search our shop. What are you looking for?

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