how to install ios on android smartphone

How to Install iOS in Android Smartphone

Apr 12, You dont have to root your device if you want to install iOS to Android Smartphone. Just download the software, which is found on the Sources . Jan 14, How to install iOS on Android Step 1. Open the iOS on Android installation files on your desktop or laptop. Step 2. Select the folder to install iOS on Android. Usually program files for Windows and Applications for Mac. Step 3. Run the installer and open iOS on Android. Step 4. Connect your phone.

Despite our love for Android at times we do fancy the likes of iOS and wonder if we could get the feel of it without changing our phones. There have been rumors and claims that speak of the possibility of installing iOS on Android. One must understand that the two OS are different and have been created under various securities. Thus it is not actually possible to install iOS on Android. So, you actually have to install iOS launcher on Android tablet or phone to experience an iOS screen.

Here are some iOS launchers that will work for your Android phone. You also get the Dark Mode that is featured in the iOS. The transitions are smooth and the apps work without any issues. This launcher gives you the screen look of iOS when you install and launch it on your Android phone. The swipe down display notification is exactly like iPhone X. The launcher has been updated just recently in and has all the functions of the latest iOS. XOS is a highly customizable launcher that is both smart and gives a beautiful look.

There are beautiful fonts, themes and wallpapers and many more cool functions. It works perfectly with all Android phones. This is a great launcher to use if you wish to experience the beauty of iOS on your phone. This iOS launcher gives a super cool effect to your Android phone.

The icon scrolling effects of the phone makes your phone interesting to use. The quick scrolling effect in alphabetical order makes it easy for you to use the phone. Download it to enjoy an iOS screen on your phone.

Some time back, a team of developers had found a way how to play piano with two hands doing different things get iOS on Android without rooting the phone. However, like a launcher, you just get the screen of an iOS.

This method will give you iOS on Android phone with versions 4. The method was known as dual boot iOS on Android. Here is what you can do. Since this method is an old one, it is not sure whether it would work with the latest Android 9. Also, the developers say that some installed apps may force close but most system apps would function without any issues. An iOS launcher for an Android phone is the best way to preserve the functions of your Android and get the feel of an iOS.

Avoid rooting your phone or any other software that claim to give you an iOS screen. They may interfere with the working of your phone and cause problems later on. If you are still running the older version of iOS, you are missing out on some pretty exciting features.

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One Launcher

Sep 10, Unlike open-source Android, iOS is close-sourced, Apples proprietary software so it is not possible to install it on any other device as the OS is not available publicly. Even if someone somehow gains the OS, modify iOS from the core and make it compatible to run on Android devices, Apple will sue him for doing that. As it is illegal. So, if you are the Android user who wants to install iOS 8 on Android and convert it to iOS 8. Dont worry today. Im talking about How to install iOS on Android. We are not posting system files to turn Android into iOS. I will simply tell you Updated: best apps, launchers to convert your smart android to iOS. Jan 21, Go to Scroll down and tap on Dual-Boot iOS button Wait for the iOS 8 to install on your Android phone Once done you will have an iOS 8 screen.

Android is the most extensive operating system which is used in a variety of devices and by many companies, unlike Windows or iOS operating system which is only being used by Microsoft and Apple Inc. So, let us get straight to the business or else some impatient readers will wreck my sweet webpage. We have downloaded and tried few popular launchers.

Among them, we are providing here top 3 best iOS launcher apps which work great without slowing down or crashing the device. It is easy-to-use launcher without frills and fuss. The interface resembles iOS operating system. The sliding effect, icon design, icon size, desktop icon arrangement, screen layout, wallpapers , search, etc.

This is minimalist iOS launcher app that you need if you only want visual effects and customization features just like iOS and nothing else. The app does not crash your Android or hog precious memory. Few Custom ROMs are available which, upon installing will not only provide all the visual effects of iOS but also many cool features of this cool operating system.

So, they are going to deliver much more than a normal iOS Launcher app that you just downloaded from Google Play Store. It requires rooting the phone which may void the warranty also, root procedure differs from brand to brand and device to device. Though you can follow your phone specific guide for rooting and installing custom iOS ROM to your Android but there is a risk of bricking your phone. If you are all in all confident and determined to install custom iOS ROM to your Android then the link of one authentic guide to install it is provided below:.

XDA Developers. There are many available for your specific Android device too. Sorry to disappoint you but this is the truth. There are lots of things which limits everyone to create any such method which will allow them to install an iOS operating system in Android device:. Play safe. In my recommendation , install and use any good iOS Launcher app on your Android device and if you want more, you can download screen-lock apps, keyboard app, notification bar, etc.

If you know any other method to make an Android device look more and more like Apple iPhone, you can share your tips in the comment box provided below. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD. Supportive Guru. Saurabh Saha SupportiveGuru. September 10, Download QR-Code. One Launcher. Developer: one BJ. Price: Free. OS10 Launcher for Phone 7. Developer: Tap Phone. Developer: allsolechang. You may also like. How to Recover Data from a Broken Mobile.

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