how to make a border in photoshop elements

Jun 28,  · Open the border file. On the top menu, select File, then Place, then select your photo. Photoshop resizes and inserts your photo into the border file. You may have to make some minor manual adjustments by dragging the edges (hold Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. Feb 15,  · To create the border, click the Create a New Fill or Adjustment Layer button in the Layers panel and choose Solid Color. In the dialog box, set the color as white (if it’s not already) and click OK. Send the border color to the back Drag the new color fill layer below the image layer in the Layers panel.

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Adding a border is a great way to set off your what week does an ectopic pregnancy rupture and make that picture makee Using Photoshop to add a border borer your photo is faster and easier than photosshop think. Plus, there are several Photoshop borders to choose from, so you can add custom flair!

Read on to learn how to add a border bkrder Photoshop. Whether you want to stick with classic white or choose a color that sets off elements of your image, a solid border can add a lot to a photo. Before adding a borcer in Photoshop, make sure you do any editing you want for your photo. If no editing is necessary, head to step three.

If you edited your photo, your file has different layers, so you need to merge, or flatten them. Go to the Layers Panel bottom right side and click on it.

To add a border, you may need to unlock the layer of your photo. If needed, do this through the Layers Panel.

Click on Layers Panel bottom right side and search for your photo. A small padlock should appear next to the photo. Click on the padlock. Now you need to make room for the border. Go to Image at phogoshop top of the toolbar and click on Canvas Size in the drop-down menu.

The next thing to set up in the Canvas Size dialog box is the width of your border. Generally, one or two elemens works best, but you can adjust your image canvas size mske find the best fit. Finally, you want to choose the color of your border. Click on your desired color. Click Ok at the top right of the dialog box to accept the changes and admire your border.

Are you bored by the plain border? If you want to step it up a notch, try a custom border in Photoshop. As always, start by opening your photo in Photoshop. If you like your image as is, proceed to step two. Make sure you complete any photo editing you want how to check your checking account balance online do to your image before adding a custom border.

How to make flash banner ads, the custom border should be the very last thing you do to un image! If you forgot how to do this, see step two in how to add a plain border. This is where the process of adding a border shifts slightly. You need to create a layer mask for your image how to make a border in photoshop elements obscure parts of it without manipulating the photo any further.

A menu should appear in the Layers Panel with several choices. Pick a color for your border. That color should apply to the entire layer. Two things happen at this point, your mask turns black, and you can see your image again. There are several brush choices, but you can always make your own. Using the brush tool, paint over the image where you want to see a border.

The brush strokes initially look white on the black mask, but when you see your photo, the border will be the color you chose. Grunge borders add a chic feel ,ake any image. On the top menu, click on Image and select Adjustments then Threshold.

Set the threshold to a how to scan multiple pages into one document mac high number to create a black and white image. At the top menu, select Edit. Choose Free Transform from the menu and squeeze the entire black and white image to one of the edges. You have one edge of your Grunge Border. To create the other sides of the border you need to duplicate the layer.

Go to the Layer panel and select duplicate layer to create three more sides. One at a time, select a layer and use the Transform menu to rotate and resize it to fit a side of the image. Repeat until you have a elemrnts border.

Play around with each layer to create slightly different sides until you achieve the result you love! Are you wondering how the image fits in with a grunge makd Once you create grunge borders for Photoshop, you photosjop apply them to any images you choose. Open the border file. On the top menu, select File, then Place, then select your photo. Photoshop resizes and inserts your photo into the eleents file. You may have to make some minor manual adjustments by dragging the edges hold down elemenfs shift boder while using the Transform tool.

The Blending tools help you add additional effects through the Layers elemejts. Choose Layer Style and Blending Options to play around more.

Photoshop elements makes it easy to add a border to any photo. You can even choose the desired color and thickness for your Photoshop frame. Open your image in Photoshop Elements.

It should select your entire photo with a frame of dashed lines. Click on the Edit menu. Start with setting the stroke. You can choose how wide you want your stroke and what color you prefer.

The width can range from 1 photosyop Choose the color you want and click ok. You have three location choices — Inside, Center, and Pyotoshop. You may want to play around with the options to determine which you prefer. Click on Revert and repeat steps one through three until you create a border you love.

A Photoshop border allows anybody to add photosnop creative, personal touch to any image. Even professional photographers use Photoshop to retouch images. You must be logged elementx to post a comment. Training Vault Quick but jam-packed videos to keep you inspired and leave you feeling confident on your next shoot.

Backstage Pass Go behind the scenes with real photographers on actual photo sessions! Gear All you need are a few pieces of gear to start taking stunning images!

Start here! Lighting Our lighting resources that will leave you taking breathtaking images in ANY lighting situation. Posing Our best tips to make bordrr look their best while having fun and staying relaxed. Inspiration Motivational training and tutorials that will leave you feeling better than when you came. Step 1: Open Your Image in Photoshop Before adding a border in Photoshop, make sure you do any editing you want for your photo. Step 2: Flatten the Edited Image If you edited your photo, your file has different layers, so you need to merge, or flatten them.

Once you select the layer with your photo, it should appear as Layer 0, but you can rename it. Hang out with us on. Photography Training Courses. About the Author Cole Humphus. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. What is the Perfect File Size? How to Blur Background in Lightroom.

How to Create a Solid Border

Jan 14,  · In this video we look at how we can create a 3D style border/frame in Photoshop Elements. The method used is very flexible and easy to loveescortus.comibe HERE. The extended canvas creates a border. 1) Go to Image > Resize > Canvas Size. The Canvas Size window will open. 2) Increase the width and height. Sep 25,  · Drag the corner handles of the crop marquee outside the image area onto the pasteboard to define the size and shape of border that you want to create. After you have defined the new size for the image and border, click the Commit button on the tool options bar to .

Why would you want to add a Border around your photos? One reason is that a simple Border around your photos gives them nice crisp edges when displayed on a web page or on printed page. And you can make it as thick or thin as you want and any color from simple black to any other color you want it to be.

You can see from the before-and-after photos how if you add a border, even a thin black border, it frames and enhances that whole space on the page. Go up to the " Select " Menu and choose " All ". That will put a Selection around your entire document as indicated by the dashed lines often called Marching Ants. The "Stroke" Dialog Box will appear.

Notice that there are 3 sections to the dialog box, Stroke , Location , and Blending. This is where you choose how wide or thick you want the stroke to be as measured in pixels and what color you want it to be. For this tutorial, we're going to use the default settings which is for a 1 pixel wide, black border.

So we don't need to change anything. But if you want a wider stroke, you can enter any whole number from 1 to into the Width field. If you want a color other than black, click once on the black rectangle next to the word "Color" and the " Select Stroke Color " dialog box often called The Color Picker will appear. If you don't know how to choose a color you can Click Here to watch a tutorial that shows you how.

In this section we have 3 choices, Inside , Center , and Outside. These refer to where we want our stroke to be in relationship to our Selection.

Again we're going to leave it at the default setting which is " Inside ". Inside means the whole width of the stroke will be towards the inside of our Selection line.

Center means that half of the stroke's width will be on one side of the Selection line and half will be on the opposite side. In our example, since it only works in whole numbers, it will put the entire 1 pixel on the inside of the Selection. If you have your width set for an odd number and choose center, it puts the larger amount on the inside of the Selection. So for example, if you choose 9 for your width, it will put 4 on the outside and 5 on the inside.

Outside means that the whole width of the stroke will be on the outside of the Selection line. Since our Selection is around the outside edge of our photo, Inside is the only logical choice. If we would choose Outside , we wouldn't see our stroke because our Selection line is already on the outside edge of the photo and we can't go any further out. If we would choose Center , we would only see the half of the width that is on the inside of our Selection line.

In fact if we would make our stroke 8 pixels wide and choose center , it would look the same as making the stroke 4 pixels wide and choosing " inside ".

For this tutorial, we're going to ignore the last section of the Stroke dialog box which is " Blending ". It's seldom used by most people and not relevant to this technique. Now all you have to do is click "OK" to close the Stroke dialog box and your stroke will be applied to the photo. Now your Border will be around your photo. But it's hard to see what it really looks like because you still have an active selection. The " marching ants " that indicate the Selection are right where your new Border is.

Since we only have a 1 pixel border, it's completely covered by the "marching ants". If you want to try a different size or color Border, it's very easy to do. Go up to the " Edit " Menu and choose " Revert ". That will revert your photo back to how it was when you first opened it in Photoshop Elements.

Go from Add A Border to the Home page. There seem to be a few PS Elements tutorials sites, but yours is by far the clearest and easiest to understand. A big thank you! I can't wait to use your tutorials especially with my scrapbooking obsession " - Judy in MS. Very very clear and useful tips, tricks and techniques of how-to in PSE9.

A great great work! Very clear and helpful. Thanks a bunch. They have been such a BIG help. I bought the Dummies book, and it's OK, but I do better by watching instead of reading. Kudos to you! I found it through one of your videos on YouTube. Again, thank you so much! First I've got to say thank you for all the information you share. I can't wait to see the "tips and tricks" you are working on because it sounds like those will help things all come together. I've gone thru several of your tutorials and learn so much.

I can't praise you enough for your time and patience. Rick - "Many thanks for your advice, that I will take. A big thank you as well for you outstandingly good tutorials. You do seem to have an amazing knack of making quite complicated tasks seem easy and straightforward. I am a fan! Thanks so much for your site.. Hi Rick. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of the great information contained in your tutorials. I've stumbled around PS9 for quite a few weeks now and can't believe quite how easily you explain the different aspects.

It's way, way more powerful than I imagined and now, for me, usable too. A big, big thank you from the UK. Comments I value your input! Please leave me a comment in the box below. Search This Site:. Now check your email to confirm your subscription.

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