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Directions: Place the cardboard box on your work surface standing taller than it is wide. The box needs to be big enough (both Measure and write down the diameter of your fans, then do the same for your outlet plug from the grow lights. You'll Once you're sure your measurements are accurate. You could fit 9 plants into your grow box. (Check the law) 1 plant needs ~5 gallon (19 liters) of soil. (depending on your fabric pots) One bag of Potting Mix from Home Depot holds cubic foot ( liter) You need 4 bags. Buy potting mix here. 6. Cannabis Seeds. An easy to grow strain is White Widow. Use discount code how-to-marijuana to get $6 off. 7.

Before we get into it: There are 2 ways to build a Grow Box. You could either buy the components you want and then put them together OR you could build a complete set with everything in it. At first, I will list all the parts you need for a complete grow box. Then I will also show you a few complete sets. Marijuana is grown under a strong light. The plant also smells strongly how to remove the smell later. The material is reflective on the inside. You will have a grow lamp and a fan inside the tent which also take up space.

Good grow tents are available here. If you want to go this route, buy your HPS Grow light here. Buy a Watt one. An airfilter is needed to remove the strong cannabis scent. Withouyt a filter, your house will smell like weed.

Buy the fan and filter here. Buy 9 of the biggest ones that fit into your tent. The sellers give the measurements of the pots. Buy fabric pots here Buy fabric pots here. You could fit 9 plants into your grow box. Check the law. Buy potting mix here. An easy to grow strain is White Widow. Here is a guide on how to use them. You can buy them here. Flora Nova Fertilizer is great. I also have a free dosage sheet. Buy Flora Nova here.

If you buy the above components and put it all together, you will have a great grow box to grow weed. That would be way too bright and your house would smell. And some people build their own box out of wood. But the easiest way is to get a grow tent. How big should my grow tent be? A medium size is 3ft wide x 3ft deep x 73inch high.

If you have more space you could also use a 4ft x 4ft. Good grow tents are what does a midge fly look like here The Grow Light The light is extremely important.

Cannabis loves direct sunlight which is ultra intense. No lamp can come close in intensity. How to care for blueberries in the spring they use lots of electricity. Also the bulb needs replacing after 2 grows. Fan and Air Filter You need to provide airflow inside your grow tent.

Or else your plants suffocate. If you use Watt or more HID you will need a 6 inch setup. Fabric pots Your plants grow in these. These are not the typical hard-plastic pots. Instead these are fabric pots because plants grow better in these. Water can drain better and oxygen reaches the roots.

Buy fabric pots here Buy fabric pots here 5. Potting Mix We grow on soil. You want to buy the best soil possible. Good potting mix is the foundation for healthy plants. Buy potting mix here 6. Seed Starters They make it super easy and safe to germinate your precious seeds. Fertilizer Cannabis is a hungry plant. You need to feed it well.

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In order to build a DIY cannabis grow box, you need to have the following things at your disposal: A large cardboard box A roll of aluminium foil Small fans Grow lights A Boxcutter Pens, Pencils or Markers Duct Tapes Black Chart Paper. The easiest way to do this is to start with the walls; tightly wrap a single piece of film around 3 of the 4 walls (the 4th will be the opening of the tent). Secure the film to the PVC pipes where your opening will be. Next, cover the roof of your tent with another piece of film. Be sure that it’s size is appropriate enough inside the fridge. Determine where to position your grow lights, and drill a hole big enough for the wires and cords to fit. When dealing with drills, be sure to wear protective gear such as gloves and eye protection. Once drilling is done, attach your light.

A weed grow box is basically just like a grow tent. It is used to cultivate and develop your cannabis seeds inside a secure and confined area where they are given a controlled climate.

Since it is usually placed inside a household or room, using a grow box is widely considered as an indoor growing setup. There are a number of reasons and advantages as to why people opt to use a grow box instead of the usual growing room or growing tent. Now, there are two ways in which you can obtain your very own weed grow box. You can either buy one from online shop. You will find a lot of ready-mades, high-quality weed grow boxes with all the necessary components and equipment that you will need in order to properly grow your cannabis seeds.

While this may cost you a certain amount of money, it will certainly save you the time and effort of building one yourself. On the other hand, you can always build your own weed grow box from scratch. If you want to save up some money or just flat out enjoy building things to use, then this will definitely make for an enjoyable experience.

Keep in mind that if you do plan on building your own grow box, the makeshift materials that you use would certainly be less aesthetic than buying an official grow tent. This easy, DIY grow box is a simple yet effective way of discreetly growing your cannabis seeds. Here are the things that you will need:. Of course, that is entirely up to you as long as you have enough space for your lights, fans, and of course your plants.

Take your measuring tape and jot down the dimensions of everything that you will be placed inside of the grow boxes such as pots, lights, and fans. Step 2 : Once you are done, take your pencils and carefully place markers as to where you will be installing your fans and lights.

Tracing their exact dimensions is suggested. One fan would ideally be placed on each side of the plants so that each and every one of them gets enough air circulation. As for the light outlet, it is ideal to place them on top or around the plants.

Do not worry, the aluminum foil acts to reflect the light. Step 3 : Carefully cut holes for each marking for your fans and lights.

It is crucial to be precise here because any hole too big or too small may result in destroying the box. Afterward, place the fans and lights inside. Secure them with some rolls of duct tape. This is important as the foil acts as a reflective mirror for the light to bounce around, giving every inch of the plant some light.

Carefully lay some aluminum foil around each surface area of the inner box, making your way around the fans and lights as you do so. Secure this with some duct tape. Step 5 : Once the inner portion of the box is totally covered with foil, it is time to test out the wirings! Carefully plug in your fans and lights to see if they are working properly. Make sure no wirings get entangled with one another to avoid any accidents.

Now you have your very own weed grow box constructed with simple, everyday household items. This is enough to properly grow and cultivate your cannabis seeds discreetly. Here is a list of some of the best brands of weed grow boxes that you can purchase and order online. As they are filled with different features and effects that help make the cultivation process a lot easier, growers will definitely think about spending money on this weed grow boxes.

All these ready-to-use weeds grow boxes were carefully and neatly assembled by well-known manufacturers. As such, you will run into little to no problems when operating these weed grow boxes. If you want a convenient time growing your cannabis seeds and you have some money to spend, then we recommend getting yourself a weed grow box.

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