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Feb 19,  · Hello! Nice to see you on my channel "Decorate it!"Today I m glad to offer you DIY WINGS. From this video you learn how to make Angel's wings. Ins handmade w Author: Decorate It! Oct 23,  · How to Make a Pair of Angel Wings Step 1: Key Features. Step 2: Research. I spent quite a while studying photos of various birds' wings on the internet. I decided I wanted the Step 3: Materials. Step 4: Tools. Protective gloves would be a good idea also. I used a screwdriver with a bradawl.

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This article has been viewed 43, times. Learn more Making your own wings is a great way to save money on a Halloween costume. In addition, children and adults can customize the wings with various art supplies such wngs paint or glitter to make them unique. To make wings, all you have to do is get background material such as maek or wire hangers, make them into wing shapes, then decorate. To make costume angel wings, start by drawing the shape of two angel wings onto cardboard and cutting them out.

Next, run ribbon through the holes from the winngs side of the wings, then tie the ribbon together on the front side how to turn off automatic update in windows xp form the loops for your arms.

Finally, decorate your wings by painting them, or by gluing on feathers or toilet paper. For more advice, including how to make fairy and butterfly wings, read on!

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Article Summary. Method 1 of Obtain cardboard. Wings can be made from simple cardboard you have around the house or from the container of something nagel ordered from a store. The cardboard can be decorated later, so it doesn't matter what color it is, but white fot board or poster board are also good choices. Cut out the wings. Feel free to trace the shape of the wings before you begin cutting.

The shape of the wings is up to you, but one way to do it ange to make them almost comma-shaped. Start at one end and begin cutting a rounded shape. Cut further into the cardboard, making the top ridge angwl the wing curve downwards to where it meets the bottom cut.

Use scissors or an exacto knife. The length of the wings depends on who will wear them. Make them long enough to stick out a few inches beyond the shoulders or make them longer and set them against the wearer's back so they point downwards instead of out.

You can fold the cardboard in half in order to cut both anhel out at the same time, but if you do them one at a time, don't worry if they're not identical. You can trace the shapes of wings using a writing how to make angel wings for adults before you cut, but the wings don't have to be perfectly symmetrical. Your decorations later will cover the imperfections. Measure shoulder width. If you're designing the wings for someone else, hold gor up against the person's shoulders or else try to judge your own shoulder width.

You'll need to make a couple of holes where the wings angsl stay what i learned in class against the shoulders without feeling tight. Punch holes in the wings. You can use scissors, a screwdriver, a pen, or another household implement to make the holes.

Put one hole on the top portion of the shoulder part of the wing. Place a second hole farther down. Do the same with the other wing. Run ribbon through the holes. The string will form loops for your arms. White ribbon is a choice that matches the color aduts the wings. The amount of ribbon you need is determined by how much shoulder space the wearer will need.

Wrap the ribbon around that person's shoulder before you cut, providing some extra ribbon zdults be knotted. Place each end of the ribbon through the holes from the back side of the wings. On the front side of the wings, tie the ribbon together. Less fragile string winggs be used and is especially good for children who will move a lot while wearing the angek. Use shoe laces or elastic cords. Decorate the wings. The way you make the wings look more angelic is up to you. Feathers are an obvious choice for angel wings, but coffee filters and toilet paper also work.

Use tape or glue to stick the material to the backs of the wings. This may help prevent brown spots from showing through, but often you can cover the entire back side of the wings with enough white decorations.

Glue or tape the feathers at their bases as they point downwards to create an even, orderly appearance. Squeeze squares of toilet paper from their center so that they form a points, fof glue them onto the cardboard.

Try folding coffee filters in half and filling in the wings from the outside-in, keeping the folds of the first filters on the edges of the wings. Method 2 of Shape hangers. Take four metal clothes hangers and stretch and bend them to make the outlines of wings. The top two wing sections will be thinner and bigger on top while the bottom two will be shorter but wider.

Cover the hangers with felt. Black adhesive felt or tape sticks to the metal. Take pieces one at a time and wrap them closely around the exposed parts of the hangers. Wing also softens any metal edges sticking out so they don't puncture decoration material later. Cover how to make angel wings for adults wings with trash bags. Take one or two trash bags per wing. Pull them as tight as you can over the wings.

If the material bunches up at the end or how to use my galaxy note 3 loosely, you can trim the open end until they cover more securely. Tape the bags together around the front side of the hangers. Cut patterns out of orange felt. If the wings are for a child, aangel can enjoy decorating too. Using scissors, cut shapes out of colored felt and then glue them onto the backs of the wings.

Vary your anggel and lay them next to each other what to do in bahrain for a day create patterns like those on a monarch butterfly. Finish decorating by adding spots to the black edges of the wings. This hides the trash bags and adds variety. One way to do this is to add gold and white office stickers of varying sizes, but you can also use an alternative such as paint. Qings with Velcro.

Two strips of Velcro are enough to secure the wings. The sticky sides of the Velcro attach to the inner side of the wings and to yow back of your clothes.

To put the wings on, push the Velcro sides together and you're done. Wrap the material around the wearer's shoulder or thumb to measure the material needed. Hold the material in wngel on the wings, then use pins or a sewing needle to bind them together and to the wings. Method 3 of Bend uow hangers. Two to four hangers are enough to make wings, depending on how many you want. Bend two hangers in the shapes of wings, then lay them on top of each other to see if they are even.

Adjust as necessary. These wings should appear rounded, but you can create two additional square wings to attach to the bottom like Tinkerbell from the Disney movie Peter Pan.

Introduction: How to Make a Pair of Angel Wings

In this Instructable I will explain how to make a pair of wings which could be used to dress up as an angel, bird, or anything else with feathered wings for example certain species of dragon. The motivation for this outfit was 1 I like to make a spectacle of myself, 2 I was going to the local Surfers Against Sewage fancy dress ball, the theme being recycling.

I decided to go as a recycled human being. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and wanted to make the wings the best that they could be, hence I spent around 70 hours on them. There are many shortcuts you could take to do it in much less time. Make sure you get plenty of sleep; I was up all night working on this. Get some decent ear plugs ; you don't want to be woken up by drunken youths shouting at 2am. It's rather difficult to rate the expense and difficulty of this project; I spent about pounds on the wings and another pounds on the rest of the angel outfit, although I hear you could do it for next to nothing with a bit of effort.

I will explain as we go through. As for difficulty, it is not technically complicated but it does require a lot of patience. In this Instructable I have described most of the simple practical and mathematical techniques used to make the wings; I have assumed very little previous knowledge and ability. Please be patient with these passages if they do not apply to you. If you do decide to make wings from this Instructable please make sure that you read all of it carefully first, then read well ahead of the point you are working from in order that you pick up all the relevant points before you go ahead.

You will find out later how I attached the wings, but I can say that I danced the night away and a particularly irritating man tried to pull the wings off but they stayed on. I fell over he pulled so hard! I love inventing things in my spare time; I've invented a new way of making molded ear plugs from a kit; they are the only remoldable, resizable molded ones in the world. If you need a good pair of ear plugs for swimming check out the ZenPlugs website here.

They are great for sleeping, swimming, surfing, as PPE or whenever you need a good pair of ear plugs. ZenPlugs are also antibacterial and so prevent swimmer's ear as well as surfer's ear. I used hand-selected inch long white turkey flight feathers. I bought because I didn't know how many I would use and the box contained a mixture of left and right feathers and I didn't know how many of each there would be. Also I only had time to wait for one order.

In the end I used about left and right feathers. For articulated segments of wings. White or another light colour is best, but you could cover with white paper or paint if you have none. As sported by Mike in the third photo thanks Mike and Matt, I couldn't have done this without you! These are about 2mm by 20mm but it doesn't matter exactly.

For wing hinges. Protective gloves would be a good idea also. I used a screwdriver with a bradawl attachment for making the holes in the card and plywood. A hole punch for the card and a drill for the ply would do instead. You can use a Dremel but make sure you wear your PPE ear plugs; you don't want noise induced hearing loss. Key features of the wings; 1 They are made of real feathers 2 They are articulated and so fold up and down in a fairly realistic fashion.

I spent quite a while studying photos of various birds' wings on the internet. I decided I wanted the wings to look like those of an ibis, so typed 'ibis flying' into Google pictures and looked at the pictures, measuring the proportions of the wings. I was particularly interested in the ratio of their length to their depth and the layout of the feathers. I would recommend that you do the same if you want the wings to look realistic.

I kept some the best pictures open on my laptop whilst I built the wings. Choose wings you like the look of and keep the pictures for later. Dividing the length by the depth gave a ratio I could then apply to my own wings. Remember to note whether you are measuring from the point where the wing joins the body of the bird or from the centre of it's back. Make sure the view of the wing is as flat-side-on as you can otherwise the wing will appear shortened and your measurements will be wrong.

The wing in the picture below is 9cm by 3cm. Dividing 3 by 9 gives a ratio of 0. You also need to calculate how far along the wing the joint is and record it.

This is calculated in the same way. Note the layout of the feathers along the wing. The photo below is good because the wing is full-length and the orientation of the feathers can easily be seen. You will need; 1 Safety goggles for when you are working with anything sharp. I wanted the wings to have as wide a wingspan as possible, fold, and also allow me to sit down as we were traveling to the ball by car. I did this by sitting down on a chair and measuring the distance from the chair to a point about 2 inches above my shoulder.

This gave me the length of the longest part of the wing. The length of the shorter spar is calculated from the ratios we calculated earlier. If the length of the shorter part of the wing on your photo is 0. If you don't want to sit down in them you could make the wingspan as large as you like, to the point they drag on the floor. As you can see from the picture they ended up being slightly longer than I intended because I didn't fully account for the length of the feathers. Knock off about 5 inches from the length you measure for the longer part to give the length of the spar to allow for the overlap of the feathers.

These lengths are meant as a guide and do not need to be precise. Feel free to adjust them as you feel. The first image shows what you are aiming to make. I have used the image of the completed frame throughout the Instructable as it shows each part clearly and because it helps to see what you are aiming towards.

Lets start with the hinge. You may be able to buy one that does the job but I made one because it was cheaper and only took 2 minutes. Cut 4 6-inch lengths of wire and bend them into the shapes shown in the second picture. The loops need to be small enough not to let the washers slip through but large enough to allow them to turn on the bolt. The third picture shows an assembled hinge. Make 2. Trim the bolt with the hacksaw. The fourth picture shows the hinge bound to the spars, one short, one long.

Cover the end of the spars in glue before binding with the cotton string, then cover liberally with glue afterwards. You don't want them to fall apart when you are wearing them. Next we are going to make the articulated segments which allow the wings to open out without leaving a gap. Cut 4 triangles from the card. They need to be reasonably stiff. The length of the triangle needs to be 3-inches shorter than the short arm of your wing, as you can see in the first picture.

It's going to vary depending on the size and proportions of your wings. You want the arrangement shown below in pictures 1 and 2; it may take a little experimentation. You could manage with just two, one attached to each spar but it would look less effective on spreading. Four looks good. Make a hinge for the triangles from the garden wire by folding a 3. Reinforce the end of the triangles where they join by covering with tape to about an inch from the end so the hinge doesn't pull through. Make a small hole near the sharpest point of each triangle, with your bradawl or hole-punch, and thread them on to the hinge.

Then fold the other end so that it forms an H-shape, see fourth picture I have omitted the card to make it clearer. Alternatively you could use a paper fastener or even tie a loop of string through the hole but be careful not to tie it too tight or it won't work. Glue the left-hand edge of the bottom triangle to the back edge of the shortest spar leaving 2 inches of bamboo protruding at the end Cut 4 tapes from the white material, one for each triangle.

Glue them as shown in the second picture, with one end towards the centre of the triangle and the other end to the same point on the back of the triangle above it. Check that the triangles can spread out so that they just overlap picture 2 and can fold down like in picture 1.

You might need to hold them apart or prop them whilst they dry so they don't stick together. The tapes are at different points on the triangles in the pictures due to adjustments I made whilst the glue was drying. The top triangle is attached to the longest spar on the wing. Check that it allows the full flexion and extension of the wing before letting the glue set. Next we are going to make the wing formers.

Make four rings from the wire. Measure the depth of the bony leading edge from the picture you are using as reference. I exaggerated the diameter of mine slightly for effect. Picture 1 shows the rings in place on the shorter spar and the inside end of the longer spar. Fasten the first two at either end of the short spar, the third at the inside end of the long spar and the fourth a quarter of the way along a quick way to work this out is to take a piece of string the length of the spar and fold it half twice.

Position them with the bamboo inside the rings and glue and bind them tightly like you did with the hinge. The two rings on the left in the picture have wire struts to stop them from rotating under the tension of the material we will apply to them.

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