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May 27,  · LED Projector Lamp V Step 1: Parts Used. I decided I will buy the most powerful LED I can get my hands on and try to use it as a light source Step 2: Electronics Involved. The first step was to fool the electronics into thinking the lamp is present so that the Step 3: Construction. I. May 06,  · DIY: Learn how to make a projector using incandescent lamp. It requires torch, bulb and transparent sheet. It's very simple home made projector show how the.

I tried to make videos of everything so it is easier to follow the steps. After making my first LED projector that you can see hereOt had lots of questions and people interested in the projector. Some of them went ahead and did something similar like mcastles.

I felt sorry that I could not give more details of the making of the projector. Also the MP4 player that I used is not longer available so many people could not find an MP4 with composite input like mine. I decided to make another one, so you could actually SEE how to do it. This type of projector is very energy efficient.

It only consumes about 41W. A normal projector with metal halide lamp how to make projector lamp consume about Projectir plus a DVD player which can consume projectod 20w and 45W for a total of about w.

That is a saving of a lot of money by the end of the year. Although the quality and brightness of a conventional projector will be better, you'll have to pay the price, and the environment as well. Another good feature how to toilet train a baby boy this projector is that how to play winter sonata on piano LED should last about hours of use wile a conventional projector lamp lasts about hours.

Lets see the result of making this projector. The principle is very simple. There is a powerful light that is projected through an LCD into a lens so the image is projected. Some things you want to take into consideration: -The better the quality on the LCD, the better the projected image.

I'm using a LCD with X prkjector -The LCD can't take more than 40C, so if you decide to use some other type of light source, pay good attention to the cooling system. I'm using the always faithful fresnel lens from an old OHP -The fresnel from the OHP is really a twin fresnel, the one that faces what causes early periods on the pill light is expanding the light to the full area of the lens, how to make projector lamp other one is focusing all the light to one what is tech support engineer. If you keep the two of them together like this projector it will be a lot easier prkjector less danger of hwo or scratching them.

Any big scratch will be reflected in the projected image. The down bit is that you won't be prjoector to do orojector adjustment. So the projector projectpr have to be placed in a perpendicular position with the orojector. The heat sink I'm using is not as big as Ho would like, that's why I added a fan to cool off the heat sink.

I used some slide lens adapter that I had hanging around. You could use any plastic tube. Make the necessary holes for the cables 6. How to take care of trees and shrubs good attention to the polarity, It should say it Here is the video of how I've done it.

The condenser lens will help to project male light further and also will help to avoid loss of light. I used some rigid copper wire to hold it in place. See here to make your own Here is the video of how I've done it. Before taking apart the LCD: -Try the screen and see if it works. This will help you always see what is the top and bottom of the LCD, even without having to turn it on.

A picture is worth a thousand words Here is the video of how to take apart and desolder the back light. I tried to do everything in front of the camera, but some times I forgot, sorry! A good and easy way to mount the LCD is to use the same case where it goes. This is done so you can fix the LCD with some washers as you can see in the video 2. If you can take out of a old computer the type of screw I'm ro they are called standoffs screwsit would be better as these screws still separate the circuit from the case a little bit.

I used a cable tie. Here is the schematic. Place mae voltage regulator in a good heat sink. With the LM I can change the voltage with the 5k variable resistor and at the same time I amke the ammeter connected to make sure the amps will not raise 1. The LED is rated 1. From now on how to start a business in iowa are going to make everything able to stand in an upright position.

This is going to allow us to play with the distances of everything to get the picture right. The first thing we'll be getting hoow an upright position is the LCD as it's the main point to get the other things lined up. But you can use anything in a right angle. It is very important now that you are able to get the Go in a straight position by measuring from the middle of the LCD to the holding surface.

This measurement will have to be the same for the light source LED with condenser lens and the main projection lens. Now that we know the height of the centre of the LCD, we need to make everything line up with that.

So the first thing is the light source. The mirrors came from the mirror of an How to make projector lamp. This will be provisional, as once you know the right position of the mirrors you can reinforce it with some hot projecto. I was really lucky, because the projector lens I'm using has some sort of metal support, and the height was almost exactly with the centre of the LCD.

All I had to do was drill a couple of holes to fit it to the wood. When cutting the fresnel lens you could use many tools. I decided to use the angle grinder to be quicker, but this is not a toy, mkae very dangerous if you don't know how to use it. You should wear a mask the fumes from the fresnel when cutting aren't very healthysafety glasses and gloves.

But you could cut the fresnel with a dremel or some other thing. So measure the space from the base of the projector and go circuit, paying good attention to the center see the video to know what I mean. Do your laml, if its not right right on the center is still ok 4. We now have everything ready to work out the distances This really depends on your personal setting of the condenser lens, LCD, mirrors, lenses Some lenses wont focus from too far and too close.

This is my setting. I used two mirrors to keep the enclosure as small as possible. I recycled the AV connectors. If you are doing the same: 1. My box is made of wood and plywood. I made it to fix the top to the base, so they will be no screws showing in the sides. Also make a few holes under the heat sink of the LED to promector air flow. The way I painted mine was with a couple of coats of oil based primer and then with another couple of coats of oil base paint. I used a leg with that feature, but if how to make projector lamp don't ti anything like ,ake you could always use a screw.

I use some black shoe polish, and it did work well. My sound system came from the computer speaker. If they work at 12v projectro better as you need to drop down the voltage to 12v for the LCD. I fitted the hod connector once I knew where it could go. Now you can hot glue everything to the case. Wait until the glue is fully dry before closing the case. Here are a few how to make quilted fondant of the multimedia player.

Everything seems to be working ok, you're happy with the projector, but maybe there is some light coming out of the box.

Use some foam like in the video to cover around the lens and other areas where some light is coming out. I lxmp place a few labels with some rub-on letters like you oamp see in the pictures.

Well done! You were able to make your own projector with an LED, which will last almost forever. Now relax on the sofa while you watch your favourite movie on a 2m diagonal screen. I hope you like this Instructable, I did work hard to make it as good as I can, but maybe I missed a step or something, so just ask if you have any questions.

After some time using the projector you may see that there is small marks mqke dust on the projected image. That is normal, the LCD could get some dust or something that needs to be cleaned from time to time not very often though First take the lid off your projector. Here is a video of how to do it if you have a enclosure like mine. To clean the projector you could use a blower cleaner. I use this blower that is to clean my camera.

It only takes a minute. Can you ell me about led and the lens on the makd must be some distance? Thank you. Greetings dear sir newtonn and I'm sorry if my English is not good. I want to make a video projector for video mapping. I have a few questions for you and If I give thanks. My prkjector are: 1. Is the OHP mirror flat mirror?

Introduction: DIY Multimedia LED Projector (video Manual)

Jan 09,  · Drill the case and screw to it. It is very important now that you are able to get the LCD in a straight position by measuring from the middle of the LCD to the holding surface. This measurement will have to be the same for the light source (LED with condenser .

My first video projector. It had no lamp at all but other than that it was operating properly or so the salesman told me. I traded it for a Shuttle computer I had in my closet and in a few days the projector was delivered. I was surprised that it was in a good condition, I was expecting cracks and scratches, it had none.

At this point the projector shuts down automatically. During those two minutes I was able to see the startup screen by looking thru the lenses while holding a small flashlight where the bulb was supposed to be.

So yes, it was operating. I started google-ing all I could find about this projector. On the other hand being horrified by the huge price that projector bulb had it was clear I had to find an alternative light source. Me being a LED addict I started thinking about that. It was the obvious choice but the problem will be the light output. So my goal is lumens of LED light.

Insert a few weeks of random ideas and pointless calculations here. Lazyness, to be more precise. I decided I will buy the most powerful LED I can get my hands on and try to use it as a light source in my projector. All this without being distructive or making irreversible changes to the projector.

The original projector lamp had lumens and lumens in eco mode. I figured if I get close to that eco-mode it might be usable in my tiny apartment. This LED is rated for I also ordered a mA constant current power supply to power it. I plan to hide it inside the projector once the project is successful. But enough daydreaming. The first step was to fool the electronics into thinking the lamp is present so that the projector will start operating properly and get rid of that automatic shutdown.

A few Google days later I came across a French site on the very same subject. It turned out all I had to do was to find a logic signal that was up 5V during the first two minutes and down GND just before the LED missing indicator turned on. I found it eventually, using my multimeter. By pulling this signal up a simple wire jumper connected to a 5V source I found on the board it started normally thinking the lamp was present and on.

I connected a laptop to it and checked that the movie was playing by looking into the lens while holding the same flashlight inside the projector. As space is an issue, I had to make sure the LED bulb will fit. This heat sink was the only choice. The LED came mounted on a small star heat sink so I drilled two holes for the screws in the Pentium heat sink to attach it firmly in place.

Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound was used in between those parts. After wiring the LED the four chips had to be connected in series first I scavenged a flashlight for the light reflector.

Inside that I put a 45 degrees matte lens I also ordered in order to make the light more focused and uniform as the four chips are not a single light source but four, close to each other.

I also used two PCB boards I cut to make the bottom and the top of the light bulb. The bulb was powered using a mA constant current power supply. As each chip needs 3. I was a little worried about the amount of heat but as it turned out the heat sink barely gets warm, thanks to the built-in fan this projector already had for cooling the bulb.

I mounted the bulb inside and proved to fit perfectly. I used the original bulb mounting holes. First tests, as you can see were indeed, disappointing.

Lack of experience and knowledge, I guess. I was quite disappointed finding this. Besides, not having a luxmeter I suspect that only half of that reaches the screen. It was fun nevertheless to play with a projector for the first time. Time to get back to the drawing board. I need more power, more light, all within the same confined space.

Months passed and I still look for a better LED. I decided to try a second version of this light bulb. Rated at least lumens each, I should have in excess of lumens of light. Oh, and the entire LED bulb has to fit a 5x5x9 cm space.

Small space for serious power and an estimated 35 watts of dissipated heat. Look out for my next instructable on V2. Thank you for reading this. Nice post friend. I bought a panasonic pt axu projector which has a bulb expected to live around hours around it started to shut off once then have to be turned on and worked fine Reply 4 years ago. You do have a bulb issue. The gap between the bulb's electrodes got larger that's the actual wearing of the bulb, the electrodes slowly consume themselves and the power supply circuit cannot sustain the power needed to generate the electric arc.

The protection kicks in and you have a lamp in need of replacement. The on and off thing works for a short time, but the end of that lamp has come. Replace it or convert your projector to a HID lamp.

You'll need a shunt on the mainboard to fool the projector the lamp is fine, a HID ballast, an external PC power supply, a modified bulb Oh, and it's a major violation of warranty terms Reply 3 years ago. And no, you need to also use the new HID power supply. On a proper conversion, the original lamp's power supply can be removed, leaving room for the new one. Mine is v w lamp as of now. Might you do a photo of the bridge of wire?

It is that I have not still had it very clear, I have the same projector. Sorry my english. Reply 5 years ago. Hi there, No, I haven't. I wish I would. However, I doubt it will last. I tend not to trust Chinese overpowered LED items. I just don't see it lasting hundreds of hours on external power supply. Never trust chinese figures on Lumins or battery specs.. Ebay is becoming a platform for Chinese fraudsters. After years i am trying to break free from Ebay and paypal..

Great post and funny comments.. I have done this before ran into an issue though the light I got was massively bright and hot melted the case and the color wheel never really messed with the type of light I purchased before but hoooo man you want to talk about blinding light this thing was insane.

On a side note a typical wat bulb is lumens But I think the fella that had the idea from the car light hit it right on the money Anyhow your post is fairly old and LED has come a long way since then so I am sure you have found the way Easy way to find the circuit to trick is look for two optocouplers actually often you can just trace these out and just cut and splice wire that is there to make it work. Just use a k cheap ebay 35 w Xenon bulb powered by a cheap ebay ballast 14V input that are made for car xenon retrofits.

LEDs have a long way to beat that still. Reply 6 years ago. There is also a choice of getting a 55w ballast. The xenon bulb stays the same. Hello all! After a year of usage, suddenly one day it stop producing image but only sound. Though, there is nowhere inside the manual any instructions on where is the lamp or how I can replace it. Could anyone please help me with some instructions pleaseeee???????????? I think you're making a mistake with your lumen comparison here.

Reply 7 years ago on Step 1. You are right. I learned this the hard way.

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