how to run console application in visual studio 2008

Tutorial: Create a simple C# console app in Visual Studio

I'm developing a simple console application in Visual Studio and want to run it in the output window inside Visual Studio , instead of having a separate command prompt window come up. Is . Jan 27,  · Go to Start menu >> Run >> Type " /log". Then the log files will be generated in the “%APPDATA%\Roaming\Microsoft\VisualStudio\\”. Its name is After the Visual Studio launch, you can try to create a new Win32 Console Application.

Apart from Windows applications, you can use Visual Studio to build applications that run in a command prompt window. It then prints the appropriate message on a new line, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Start a new project. In the New Project dialog box, select the template Console Application. You can also change its default name from ConsoleApplication1 to a more descriptive name. Unlike a Windows application, which is a class, a console application is a module. The code you want to execute must be placed between the statements Sub Main and End Sub. Insert the statements shown in Listing 1. This code is quite similar to the code of the equivalent Windows applications we developed earlier, except that it uses the Console.

WriteLine statement to send its output to the command prompt window instead of a message box. If you change the Console. WriteLine how to find out your ip address and port number call into the MsgBox function, the message will be displayed in a message box. The reason to build a console application is to test a specific feature of the language without having to build a user interface.

Many of the examples in the documentation are console applications; they demonstrate the topic at hand and nothing more. If you want to test the DateDiff function, for example, you can create a new console application and enter the lines of Listing 1. Listing 1. The last two lines will be the same in every console application you write.

The Console. ReadLine method waits until the user presses the Enter key. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar. Module Module1 Sub Main Console. WriteLine Console. Sub Main Console. ReadLine End Sub.

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Add decimals. Press Ctrl + H to open the Find and Replace control. Change each instance of the int variable to float. Run your calculator app again and divide the number 42 by the number This tutorial shows how to publish a console app so that other users can run it. Publishing creates the set of files that are needed to run your application. To deploy the files, copy them to the target machine. Prerequisites. This tutorial works with the console app that you create in Create console application using Visual Studio. Run the app. Press Ctrl+F5 to run the program without debugging. A console window opens with the text "Hello World!" printed on the screen. Press any key to close the console window. Enhance the app. Enhance the application to prompt the user for their name and display it along with the date and time.

Welcome to the MSDN forum. I recommend you try these suggestions:. This can eliminate the possibility that third party Add-ins or packages are causing problems.

This can rule out the possibility of corrupted user profile. If all the suggestions do not work, please collect the activity log of Visual Studio. Its name is ActivityLog. Please wait for some time. If the Visual Studio do not create the project as normal, you can close Visual Studio. After get the Visual Studio log ActivityLog. Note: Please attach the link of this post in the mail. If you have any other questions, please feel free to let me know.

Best Regards,. Some people have found performing a complete removal, disabling any antivirus software, and then a fresh installation helpful. Other than that, I'm out of ideas. Just a guess: Is your installation of Internet Explorer ancient? There have been some Visual Studio problems with old IE versions.

You could try updating to IE8 or newer. If it's a "Hello World" app, it will probably be fine. Otherwise, it all depends on what the program is doing and how it's doing it. According to your description, I'd like to move this thread to " Visual Studio Setup and Installation Forum " for better support where more experts live. After running VS as an admin, it worked. I have a random question too. Hi Audley,. I am glad to know it worked, so the log is not required now.

Console app does not require DirectX and JavaScript. Why do you think console app needs DirectX? I hope this helps. The content you requested has been removed. Ask a question.

Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Answered by:. Archived Forums. Visual Studio Setup and Installation. Sign in to vote. It shows me the current project settings, but the actual wizard is not prompting me to do anything. I cannot click on finish or even cancel. In the status bar for Visual Studio, it says "Creating project 'xxxx' Does anyone know what could be causing this? Here's a screen shot Tuesday, January 24, PM. Thursday, January 26, AM. Sounds like the Visual Studio installation is corrupt.

Fire up your distribution DVD and select the "Repair" option. I've tried that. It still does not work. Don't forget to add the Visual Studio SP1 patch. Wednesday, January 25, AM. I have not tried disabling McAfee. I'll go ahead and try that. And maybe you can answer another question for me. If a project was created in the version of Visual Studio, will there be issues or any errors running it in the version? I've had IE9 since i got this laptop.

I actually thought it could have been a problem with that because I just had issues with McAfee and I was told that it was because my IE9 was corrupted and was about to downgrade to IE8 and try and install it again.

That's what I get for focusing on two other moniters while i'm trying to ask a serious question. But sorry, I meant created in And thank you Wayne. That's a page I'm going to have to change and use as a reference. Thanks for your understanding. Sun, After running VS as an admin, it worked. And thanks for the help everyone. Sun, did you still want me to send you the log for VS ?

Saturday, January 28, AM. Hi Audley, I am glad to know it worked, so the log is not required now. Monday, January 30, AM. Just a question because it started working after I tried to get my Skype to work.

I went to the support forums and they told me to register vbscript. I have no clue if that was a coincidence or not but that's why I asked. Friday, February 3, AM. Hi Audley, OK. Do you mean Skype application? Tuesday, February 7, AM. I tried running the as admin but problem persist. Thursday, March 21, AM. I have the same problem, I have tried many ways but none of them worked.

Can you help me, please. Sunday, May 26, AM.

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