how to stop panicking about exams

Before the Exams Plan Your Revision. Think about questions you might expect to find in your exam. DonТt sit reading for long periods Take Proper Breaks. Take regular exercise. Find something you enjoy Ц swimming, jogging, football etc. Eating and Sleeping. Your brain needs energy and it. Oct 29, †Ј When getting ready for exams try to: Prepare ahead of time by working on sections of the content each day Use practice exam papers as an opportunity to manage anxiety Identify your anxiety early by noticing your physical responses Try replacing Author: Christine Grove.

When their future seems to hang on aboout exam results, it's no wonder children can get stressed about what they are going through. Then two years later, they are taking A Levels or Highers, not to mention the prospect of AS Levels looming over the horizon. Although your child abouut a lot of growing up to do in these exam years, there's no need to let it all get on top of them.

We've got great tips to help them through the next couple of months baout and to help you keep the household as calm as you can! Their teachers, especially their guidance teacher, know what your child is capable of and is certainly not setting them up for a fall. They think your child has the ability to do well at this exam. So remind your child of this, and that if they prepare properly, they panicikng do fine.

Yes, they want to do as well as they possibly can. Don't let them create the extra pressure for themselves - encourage them to accept that they will do their best but perfection panicklng not sop.

If your child feels they are struggling in particular with one aspect of a course, then persuade them to ask for help. The teacher should be able to help, it aobut only take one more explanation for the penny to drop.

Get them to talk to their friends in the class, how did they work through this particular area? But in the scheme of their three score years and ten on this planet, exams are quite a small part of it. Make sure they have as much time as they possibly can to revise, so that wtop are not cramming the work in. Keep a watchful eye on what form the revision takes though, they may think they need a study chart but every hour spent colouring the abkut squares for different subjects is taking away from the how to stop panicking about exams they should be spending going over their work.

Ensure they allow time for breaks and don't make your child feel guilty for taking them - an evening out with friends, a coffee with you, some sport - to ensure they don't just burn out. If they've done the work all along through the year, they're just going over what has been learned, not trying to pick up new skills, so this should not be too terrifying a time.

Make sure the revision area panickinng quiet and allows abouy child the chance to study without the family interrupting. Keep younger children away - for that matter, keep older childrem with their been-there-done-that attitude away too!

Encourage your child to try different methods of revising, changing subject after an hour might work for them, or working to a set goal in each subject such as completing an exam question then moving on. Different methods work for different people, in fact they might find they want to use different methods as the exams grow nearer. If the exam will involve memory work for specific formulas or quotes, as the day grows nearer encourage them to start to boil them down, so that although they know they will be writing out a full-fleshed out answer, they have the panicjing or four key pieces of information called up just by remembering one word.

It's natural to feel nerves at this point for you and your child! Everyone else is going through exactly the same thing as your child. Worry too much and their nerves will overwhelm them so simply try to get them to accept this is a tense time and they are going to make ot best of it that they can.

If there is one thing you do lecture your child about, make sure you drill it in that your child should read the whole paper, be sure they know how many questions they have to answer and to be clear about any difficult ahout such as two questions from section A and one from section B. There's nothing worse than writing a brilliant answer that won't even be marked! Shop they feel panic setting in, train them to try closing their eyes and taking long, what do you do on a mission trip, deep breaths, which will calm down the nervous system.

If their mind stkp blank, stick with the slow deep breaths for a bit longer and see hlw the information comes to mind. If not, move onto another question and come back to this one. The worry should ease as they spot questions easily within their aout. Afterwards, don't let them worry too stp about where they went wrong.

You'll find they were probably over-critical of their own work anyway, and at this point there is literally nothing they or you can do about it.

Time to concentrate on the next exam instead. Remember aout life does not begin and end with exams. People succeed with them, people succeed without them.

Your child can always take them again. Argos AO. Privacy Policy Feedback. Revision Make sure they have as much time as they possibly can to revise, so that they are not cramming the work in. Exam time It's natural to feel nerves at this point for you and your child! Remember Remember panickiing life does not begin and end with exams. Share or comment on this article:. Most watched News videos Florida ride operator attacks mom as she's getting off Ferris wheel Kate takes pilot's seat as William is left holding her handbag Dramatic moment cliffside crumbles onto North Wales beach India: Narendra Modi urges Coronavirus lockdowns as 'last resort' Chauvin's team argues force was necessary due to Floyd's resistance Distressing moment pug mauled as shoppers try to save it Police officers force Covid rule breakers to do squats in India Dog aboyt cries as she's reunited with missing Shih Tzu Police footage shows pursuit of man on motorcycle in Hampshire Pahicking Stratton smiles arriving at Number 10 last November Boris and Starmer send best wishes to the Queen on her 95th birthday Ti Tory leader 'sounds like racing commentator' during interview.

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What is exam anxiety?

How to beat that exam panic Х Encourage your child to have faith in their own abilities. Their teachers, especially their guidance teacher, know Х Remember that they do not have to be perfect. Yes, they want to do as well as they possibly can. But anything less Х Take action. If your child. How to stop panicking for my test? So tomorrow I have a really important exam- I've spent several hundreds of hours studying for it, it's the culmination of my past 5 years of hard work, and it could potentially make or break my future. I know that realistically the best course of action is to stay calm and hope for the best, but I'm seriously. Aug 22, †Ј To stop stressing over your exam results, try not to ask your friends or classmates what answers they chose since there's no way to know for sure who was right or wrong. Instead, focus on doing things you enjoy to help distract yourself, like going for a walk, shopping, or reading a book%(79).

Do you feel like your mind freezes during exams? Does your heart race fast or do you find it hard to breathe during exams? Most people feel anxious when taking an exam, but research shows that some people are more likely to suffer from exam anxiety than others. So why is this? And what can you do to calm your nerves? Low anxiety: students who experience low anxiety may feel a little nervous about an upcoming exam but are still able to focus their attention on their studies or the questions asked during the assessment.

Usually low anxiety students are not struck with intrusive thoughts or feel debilitated by the exam. High anxiety: students who experience high anxiety show an immediate anxiety reaction when exposed to the feared test situation. They attempt to avoid the situation by not showing up to the exam, or may endure it but with extreme fear.

Students with either high or low anxiety can respond to tests in different ways. But research shows that managing anxiety effectively can actually help with exam performance.

The challenge is to recognise when your anxiety has increased past an optimal level so that it starts to impact your ability to complete the exam - this is a high level of anxiety. Some physical responses of high anxiety include a speeding heart, damp hands, shortness or rapid breath, and feeling queasy.

This is how our bodies respond to a perceived threat Ч and while uncomfortable, it is not harmful. Anxiety can be useful in certain situations - for example, if you are in danger jumping out of the way of a car.

It can also help to increase our attention to the threatening event and improve our response. Research has shown that people who experience high levels of anxiety in exams can also see their performance decline in evaluation situations. These people tend to perceive exams as threatening and respond with intense emotional responses, making it difficult to focus on the task at hand.

Assessment situations also evoke worry responses that interfere with effective performance on cognitive and intellectual tasks. Exam anxiety may also interfere with your ability to show your academic and cognitive capabilities.

The skills you find most helpful in managing your exam anxiety will vary depending on what triggers may be contributing to your high levels of anxiety. If students experience high levels of anxiety before an exam, they should engage in self-care strategies during this time by keeping an eye on sleeping through the night, nutrition, exercise, and implementing a few relaxation routines.

Psychologists and well-being teams at school have a range of techniques to help manage test anxiety Ч and can also recommend ways to improve your study skills. The goals of the techniques are to help students understand the nature of their anxiety so that they can cope more effectively with upcoming evaluations. This may include behavioural intervention that aims to teach relaxation training like mindfulness.

Mindfulness is where a student tries to focus on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting their anxious feelings, thoughts, and physical reactions. Relaxation training can be used alongside a process of systematic desensitisation Ч this is where a person visualises a scene while completely relaxed, and the mental image evokes some of the feelings of the real scene.

The idea is that if you learn to relax while visualising yourself taking the exam, you can also learn to be relaxed while actually taking the exam. Some students who experience high levels of anxiety intense panic or fear about an exam that results in them being unable to do the test can access additional support through special consideration at their school.

This varies based on the individual needs of the student. But some students may need access to a separate room to complete exams, regular breaks during the exam or more time. Try replacing unhelpful thoughts with more encouraging self-talk by challenging your worried and negative thoughts.

Learn a few skills for reducing your physical reactions of anxiety. You can also take a look at this exam anxiety booklet which aims to help you and your parents better understand exam anxiety. You can read the booklet to help identify coping strategies that may help address your anxiety.

Also, your parents could read this booklet with you and participate in identifying coping strategies. Languages in Lockdown Ч Reading, Reading. Lessons from the pandemic: Working with families in poverty in Kirklees Ч Huddersfield, Kirklees. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Become an author Sign up as a reader Sign in. Do you often think you are going to fail an exam? What is exam anxiety?

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