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May 24,  · Here is how to remove a bike chain without tools such as a bike chain removal chain breaker. Triathlon Taren removes the bike chain from his single speed bi. Aug 30,  · If your bike does not have a chain with a master link, the process is slightly more difficult. Position the bike chain so that it is bridged across two solid supports such as blocks of wood or two wrenches. Take a punch tool and place it over one of the rivets in the chain. Use a hammer to push the rivet out and separate the chain to remove Maureen Malone.

It doesn't matter how expensive bike you own, some parts of the bike will change in time to time. As an example, we can think about the chain. The chain of the bicycle stretches out after using for a period of time.

Actually, the pins that connect the chain wear out and make the chain bigger. Once it happens, you cannot ride the bike comfortably until changing it. Changing the bicycle chain is not as easy as changing other parts. You will what are presets in music production to go through how to take chain off bike without tool lot of steps for doing so.

Today, we will let you know how to change a bike chain without a chain tool. Usually, you will require a chain tool for changing the chain. It will make the whole procedure easier for you. However, if you don't have a chain toolthen don't worry. You can also change the chain without a chain tool. Keeping reading the below part to know how to do it. New chain: That is the essential thing that you need to collect before changing the chain. You can buy it from any nearby bike shops.

The size of the new chain should be as exact as mentioned in the user manual of the bike. While buying the chain, mention the size to the shopkeeper so that he can give you the right size. Some people may ask you to use the old chain, but you shouldn't do this as the old chain will wear out quickly.

Master Link: It is a pin which connects both ends of the chain. Most of the time, the new chain include a master link. If the chain doesn't include a master what businesses are in the empire state building, then you will need to buy one separately.

Make sure that the master link suit with the chain. They can help you to connect and break the chain easily within a few seconds. Now take the bike and put it upside down. Secure it with beside a tree or use a work stand. Now give a closer look to the bike. This way, you can comfortably work with the chain.

If the bike has a kickstand, then you use it instead of putting the bike upside what year did the battle of lexington and concord happen. Now, give a closer look to the chain, and remember how it is connected from gear mechanism to pedal.

You can also take a picture of it which will be useful later. As we say, the master link is a special pin which allows you to break the chain as well as reconnect it. Remember that the master link is specific for a bike based on the bike and chain size. It will be harder for you to work with the chain unless you have a master link. The master link is available at a low price, and you can install it easily.

You will require a chain tool unless you have a master link installed on the bike. While removing the chain, you will need to position the master link properly. The link must not be around the teeth of the chain or near the gear. It should be in exactly in between the gear and the pedal so that you can easily work with the master link.

It is time to get rid of the old chain. If you have the master link pliers, then use it to remove the chain. Else, squeeze both ends of the master link with your hand so that the pin comes out and break the chain. Before you finally attaching the new chain, you should measure the chain to find out whether it comes in the right size or not.

You can measure the chain by comparing it with the old chain. If the sizeis how to convert pdf to, then you can attach it without any hesitation. Now try to remember how the old chain was attached through the gear to the pedal. If you have taken the picture, then comprehend from it. Then put the new chain accordingly. Make sure that both ends of the chain are in the middle so that you can easily work with them.

You are almost done. Now you will how to download pf slip online to attach the master link in both ends of the chain.

Simply put the pins in their slot and force them with your hand or pliers. You should hear a click sound if the master link is connected properly. Now move the chain with your hand manually and to find out whether the chain is moving smoothly or not. For a much smoother result, you can lubricant the chain with proper bike lubricant.

That's it; you are done! As you see, changing the bike chain without a chain tool is not that hard, but it is a little lengthy. Hopefully, with our guide on how to change a bike chain without a chain tool, now you will be able to change the chain from your own. Changing a bike chain without a chain tool. The following tool will be needed for changing the chain. Put the bike upside down. Find out the master link.

Remove the chain. Attach the new chain. Connect the chain. Test the chain. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Mar 29,  · You’ll need a couple of standard tools to remove a chain link without using a chain breaker or other specialty tool: Hammer. Nail punch or anything sturdy with a small tip. You need something that will drive the rivet out of the link when you tap it with the hammer. Even a small screwdriver could work for loveescortus.comted Reading Time: 6 mins. Sep 24,  · Hey this is a real quick way to remove a link in a bike chain with regular tools you probable already have. All this in less that 60 sec. Your time is import. It doesn't matter how expensive bike you own, some parts of the bike will change in time to time. As an example, we can think about the chain. The chain of the bicycle stretches out after using for a period of time. Actually, the pins that connect the chain wear out and make the chain loveescortus.comted Reading Time: 4 mins.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, we may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page with no extra costs to you. Thank you if you use our links, we really appreciate it! If you have a local bike shop in your area then you know how expensive it can be to get work done. Once a year, I even take my bike in for a complete tune-up. Sometimes I can make the repair myself and save a bit of time and money.

Even without specialty tools, there are a few repairs you can do yourself, no matter what your level of experience. In this article, I will teach you how to change a bike chain without a chain tool. You can change your bike chain yourself, at home, with tools you already have, in under an hour.

Keep reading to see how! First, locate the master link. Note that not all chains have a master link in them. You might have a pair of needle-nose pliers small enough that you can use them like chain pliers. Use them to squeeze the chain links on either side of the slotted master link, so that the rivet slides in the slot.

The slotted plate should come off easily, and the chain will get disconnected. By angling the pliers standard or needle nose will work just right watch the video above. You can squeeze the slotted connecting plate so that it comes right off of the rivet. The chain will come apart after that. Once you have disconnected the chain, you can pull it off of the sprockets. As you do this, pay attention to how the chain is routed around the sprockets and derailleurs.

On some multi-speed bikes, this can be somewhat complicated. And you want to make sure you get it right when you reinstall the chain. You can still remove the chain without the use of a special tool. Read the next section for that information.

Position your bike so that you can follow the steps while the chain is still on the bike. If the chain is still on the bike, this will be more difficult, but not impossible. Tap the end of the punch, screwdriver, etc. The rivet will pop into the hole in the nut, socket, piece of wood, etc.

Chain links have big ends and small ends. First, place the chain over the sprockets, and route it through the derailleur. Take care to copy the exact original chain routing.

Refer to the picture you took in the step above if needed. This step will also be easiest if you have something that will hold the disconnected chain together. That will create enough slack for you to work on the ends of the chain.

A length of stiff wire or even a sectioned piece of coat hanger can do the trick. Loop the ends of the wire or hanger so that they grab parts of the chain lengths away from the ends and hold them in place. The ends of the chain should now be hanging down from the wire or coat hanger with enough slack for you to work on them. Now, connect the chain.

If you have a master link, use it to connect the ends of the chain together. Now that you know how to change a bike chain without specialty tools, you should know about the tools that are available.

If your bike chain has a master link, a pair of bike chain pliers makes removing the chain quick and easy. To determine if you have a master link in your chain, look for a link that looks a little different from the rest.

Chain pliers squeeze the chain link together so that the rivet slides in the slot, and the chain easily comes apart. A chain breaker is a simple tool that pushes the rivet out of the chain link. The chain breaker easily disconnects and removes the chain from the bike. If you are interested in checking out a chain breaker I highly recommend checking out this one on Amazon. Rotate the pedals, and shift the bike through all its gears. This will make sure the chain stays on the sprockets and operates as it should.

Bike stands are ideal for this, but not necessary. After all, you saved a bunch of time doing all this work yourself versus taking the bike into the shop. We're an affiliate!

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