how to tell an employee about body odor

How do I tell an employee she has bad body odor?

May 17,  · "If the employee is not aware [that] the body odor is the reason people cringe when they enter a room, the employee could incorrectly blame their co . Apr 23,  · To the person writing the letter: Tell your employee the truth. I was in a situation where everyone in the office complained about how I smelled, and I only found out because no one had the good sense to be discreet about it. I had to sit in an area with two other employees had the worst body odor you can imagine. Fortunately, there was a.

A veterinary practice manager asks:. I have a direct report who is absolutely awesome at her job, is professional and has a lovely personality, but unfortunately for the rest of us, she has really poor personal hygiene and bad body odor.

I struggled for a long time deciding if and how to bring this up with her, and last week I finally did it. I waited until the end of her shift and of course spoke to her in private. I suggested that she might need to wash her clothes more frequently or shower more. I even suggested it might be a medical problem. I thought I handled that pretty well! Wow, talk about a curve ball, I did not see that coming! You handled the initial conversation brilliantly, well done. It sounds like as far as the employee in question is concerned, this issue has been dealt with and this is the end of the story.

However, her odor is affecting other team members, so this needs to be addressed again and rectified. Just like you have a company policy stating that employees must come to work at a certain time, you require all employees to come to work with a minimum expected level of hygiene.

She needs to meet how to undisable my iphone without itunes level of hygiene. It may mean solving the mold problem, moving to a different apartment, storing her clothes differently or finding other ways to protect them from mold, showering more frequently … whatever.

You just need her to understand the expectations and commit to meeting them. It is her responsibility, however, to come to work with appropriate personal hygiene.

I need you to rectify this problem and meet our minimum expected standards of dress and hygiene. Can you do that? Hopefully, she realizes this is serious, as in any breach of a company policy, and she resolves the problem. Unfortunately, that may mean going down the formal warning path and even termination. ConsultMates Beta will be open shortly.

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Alternative therapies for improving quality of life in senior pets. I shower daily, two to three times a day. I have spent hundreds of dollars buying cleanser and body washes.

I have been diagnosis with IBS irritable bowel syndrome, which causes me to pass glass all thru out the day. No matter how much I brush my teeth I have bad breathe. No help. I am so miserable. But you heard what he said I am an excellent employee. And to top things off I get along with the staff well. If you take that out of the equation I would be the perfect employee. But I do separate myself as much as possible. So do you suggest I quit rather than be fired?

And risk the chance of not being able to find another job because of the same issues? Your question as to whether you should quit versus being fired can be answered with another question. Should your employer be expected to tolerate a foul odor that can make clients and employees uncomfortable?

If I were you, I would speak to a medical professional and see if there is anything that can be done to help alleviate the odor. I know in our workplace, each of those employees I had to how to install android in htc touch pro 2 with were able to correct the issue.

Even an employee who was on dialysis. I wish you well. You must be logged in to post a comment. What do I do now?! You May Also Like When bad reviews happen to good veterinarians. Suggested Veterinary Products. Vet2Pet offers two new mobile app releases: breed-specific and custom list notifications.

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May 23,  · How do I tell an employee she has bad body odor? I have a direct report who is absolutely awesome at her job, is professional and has a lovely personality, but unfortunately for the rest of us, she has really poor personal hygiene and bad body odor. To make matters worse, she is a very affectionate person and greets co­workers by hugging them. May 01,  · 5 Messages to Kindly Tell Someone They Smell Bad. by Never the Right Word Discussing Health and Wellness, Handling Conflict and Complaints, Texts and Messaging Templates. When the weather starts to heat up, the days of unpleasant body odor .

Editor's note: Inc. A new secretary in my office has body odor. The other staff members have asked me to talk to her about, it since I'm the acting manager. Should I tackle this, and if so, how? Yes, hygiene and odor--as uncomfortable as they can be to address--really are things a manager needs to speak up about if they've become a problem.

You should speak up because it will affect the way your employee is perceived and it will potentially affect the way your company is perceived, if she deals with clients in person or even just with other visitors to the office. You should also speak up because it's affecting her co-workers and her relationships with them. Now, this is going to be an awkward conversation; there's no way around that. But you have plenty of awkward conversations as a manager; it's part of the job.

This one is more awkward than most, because most of us have very little practice at this kind of thing--but it has to be done. Ask to talk privately with the employee at the end of the day.

That timing is important so that she doesn't need to sit at work feeling horribly self-conscious for hours afterward. Be honest, direct, and as kind as possible. Start by mentioning that her work has been good assuming that it has been and then say something like, "I want to discuss something that's awkward, and I hope I don't offend you.

I have noticed you have had a noticeable odor lately. It might be a need to wash clothes more frequently or shower more, or it could be a medical problem. This is the kind of thing that people often don't realize about themselves, so I wanted to bring it to your attention and ask you to see what you can do about it.

Note that you're saying "I have noticed," not attributing it to the employee complaints you've heard. That's deliberate, in order to contain any resulting awkwardness that she might otherwise feel toward her co-workers. Likely, the employee will be embarrassed. But if she's resistant or combative, explain that employees do need to come to work smelling fresh and clean because of the impact on the office. Also, be prepared for the possibility that you'll hear that there is a medical reason for the odor.

If she tells you that's the case, then at that point there's not much further you should do, other than thanking her for telling you and reassuring her that you'll of course accommodate her now that you understand it's related to a medical condition.

One last thing: Before you have this conversation, try to observe the issue for yourself. This isn't a conversation you should have just based on someone else's word, since it's not inconceivable that someone cranky on your staff just wants to cause problems for this employee. Also, I'm assuming that the issue is one of not bathing or laundering enough, but if it's more along the lines of cultural differences in food that can lead to different body smells, you'll need to ask the complaining staff members to be more tolerant.

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