how to tell the difference between mary kate and ashley

Jun 13, Ashley is an inch shorter with a fuller mouth and Mary-Kates face is a bit, er, sharper! But its nice to know that even in their old age, MK & A havent stopped with Author: Mary Grace Garis. Nov 17, Ashley for most of this era was rocking bleach blonde hair, but the Olsens bigger difference here is due to Mary-Kates weight. Though both Author: Mary Grace Garis.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The twins have been household names practically since birth, millionaires a short time later, and tabloid staples for the last decade.

But their fame is nearly always linked to each other, beginning when the show that shot betweenn to fame what is transunion customer service number House" actually billed the twins as one person, Mary Kate Ashley Olsen, for the first few seasons.

So how are they different? Which one is still into showbiz? In honor of their 27 go birthday on June 13, we differencee it down below . In a interview with Marie ClaireMary-Kate compared herself and her twin to "little monkey performers," when talking about growing up on the small screen in front of millions. They run multiple fashion lines including The Row and Elizabeth and James together, but have different personal styles.

Though they both got swept up by the Boho chic thing during their short time at NYU, Mary-Kate still seems to gravitate to the style donning lots of layers, oversized sweaters, and flowy skirts and dresses while Ashley often looks more polished and chic though still reverts back to her old look on occasion.

It can be confusing. Here's a partial list of their former loves:. The media is mostly interested in Mary-Kate and her man right now. If all else fails when trying to tell these identical twins apart, ask them for an autograph!

Read full article. More content below. Ashley Olsen. Lizbeth Scordo June 12,PM. Story continues.

The Difference Between Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Jun 13, Ashley is right-handed, while Mary-Kates a leftie. If all else fails when trying to tell these identical twins apart, ask them for an autograph! More Features on Yahoo!:Author: Lizbeth Scordo. Oct 16, Do You Know The Difference Between Mary-Kate & Ashley? Double trouble! by Chelsea Brown. BuzzFeed Staff. Bob D'Amico / Getty Images Share This Article BuzzFeed Daily. Keep up with the latest daily. Jun 13, Mary-Kate and Ashley may stand out as celebrities, but sometimes it's hard to tell the almost identical twins apart. Play our fun Mary-Kate or Ashley game to see how well you know the difference Home Country: US.

They look a lot alike, but not exactly alike. The Olsen twins have been telling us for the past three decades ever since they switched on and off playing Michelle Tanner on Full House that there are major differences between Mary-Kate and Ashley. And yet as the sisters celebrate turning 33 years old on June 13, they leave behind a long legacy of people asking which Olsen twin is which.

So in honor of their 33nd birthday, we revisited all the ways media professionals got Mary-Kate and Ashley mixed up. Watch our video above to see the Olsen twins get asked time and time again who is who. Because even though Mary-Kate and Ashley boasted about being identical twins in their early years like deception was so hard there was even a freaking song about it in Our First Video those girls are fraternal.

Well, thanks to bowls and bowls of cigarettes , we have a clearer idea of which Olsen twin is which today. Some things are just timeless. Happy birthday, girls, may no journalist ever mix the two of you up again.

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