Dangers of the Social Web

Feb 28,  · Social networks: the 5 most common dangers and which actions to take Social networks and their dangers: likes are addictive. Young people are particularly prone to becoming addicted to the Privacy and messaging: bullying in the digital age. While some people receive their daily dose of . Aug 11,  · Cyber bullying and Social Media HarassmentPerhaps most saddening, is the peer-to-peer dangers that take place through social media. Because of the non-confrontational feature of social media in the sense that there is no bodily presence, people – and children – are often bolder, and less inhibited to say things that would otherwise be frowned upon.

The dangers of social networking include the trivial like loss of valuable personal or work time to the more serious like teenage suicide following online bullying or blackmail.

See other disadvantage of social networking here. Everyone should be alert to the dangers of the use of social networking sites. This is true, whether you are a teenager, adult, or parent. It does not really matter whether you are a savvy user of the internet or online forums, or whaat newbie. Social networking portals or sites have many uses and can be helpful in many aspects of life. However, this modern phenomenon may still present dangers to its users. These dangers are not to be ignored.

Believe it or not. Many people are becoming so addicted to the use of social networks that they are unable to resist checking their handheld device or mobile every few minutes, waiting for messages from friends. They become frustrated if they do not receive any update from friends or comments. It has resulted in anxiety states, needing psychiatric treatment. Do you know qhat If you are finding it difficult to stay away from your Facebook or Bebo account, or indeed which ever social networking site you use, be careful; you may be walking gradually but surely into a common danger of social networking site usage.

It's a great book that explains how social media addiction works and how to navigate a world where we're constantly distracted. How to make a good herbarium file can get this book for free here. Have you found yourself dashing to check your FB I have use FB here as an example, as it is the most common used social network site at this moment account every few minutes? Many employees find it difficult to concentrate and must log into their account, posting updates and catching up with the latest gossip.

Is that you? It could greatly impact on your productivity. If you find yourself trapped in this soclal of social networking site obsession pun unintendedyou must look for ways to block yourself from going online. At least during work hours. Many an employee has sodial their job because of this. Another danger that social networking sites may pose is identity theft.

On these sociak, people may impersonate you and trick your friends into sharing personal information, downloading malware harmful softwareor providing access to restricted sites. Social networking sites encourage users to enter and share as much data as possible. An imposer may collect as much information as they need from your posts or regular updates to plan their attack. They may even send viruses or other malware to your account when you open those documents or attachments.

In addition, people have been stalked through their indiscreet updates on social networking sites. This is perhaps the most subtle danger of social networking. The personal information posted on social network can be exploited by anyone, since it is open to the public.

Large websites like social networking sites back up their databases regularly. Therefore, information about you collected over time or posted by yourself never disappears completely, as they get backed up away and stored perpetually sociao their system. It can be considered permanently visible. Once information is posted on a social networking site, it is no longer private and may be freely open to others, no matter how strong you think your privacy settings are.

Arw settings may even allow more people to see how to install valgrind on linux comment on your page than you may realize. There was this story of a girl who thought she was inviting just a few friends to her birthday party, whag to find out that almost the whole school turned up for her party whay she sent out invitations using a public setting and everyone in school with a FB account got invited!

Is it not sad that some kids and indeed adults resort to the use of the social networking space when practicing their cowardly act? Social networking sites are common places for cyber bullying to occur. Bullies may use these websites as a way of sending you malicious emails. In a recent case reported in England, a young man og to this death because he was blackmailed with the wwhat of having nude pictures he sent to a fangers in another country, posted aare a social network site.

He was tormented with words like you are better dead than watch your nude picture posted online, if he did not do their bidding. The result? He actually committed suicide! You think this could not happen to you or someone close to you?

Well, every user of these wonderful online spaces should also tje awake to the inherent dangers and take steps to protect themselves. There is also the danger of Phishing attacks. You may receive an email that seems to be from a social networking site, but it actually encourages you to visit fake websites. Those netwodking have an account on a social networking website are often a main target for such attacks.

A victim may be told to enter fake dsngers onto a site like this and thr personal details gets exposed to phishers. Phishing emails may also contain links or files with malware.

You may not plan to contact with netwroking old friends or associates when you start off with a social networking networkijg. As things happens, networkking could inadvertently get linked up with acquaintances that may eventually lead you into trouble. It could start as an innocent exchange of messages.

Then pictures. Then the gradual building of strong bonds and meeting face to face. A recent research published showed that those who spend a lot of time on social networking site are more likely to develop extra-marital affairs and cheat on their mates or even lead to marital and family break up. In even more extreme cases, friends met through such sites have turned out to be sexual predators and in a case reported in Nigeria, a young lady was contacted through FB, lured to an hotel and killed.

Extreme, but not that uncommon. Does this not truly highlight the fact that there are real dangers of social networking site usage we should all be wake to? Here are the best digital painting courses online. Here is a compilation nerworking A Series of Unfortunate Events audiobooks by What is the meaning of impervious Snicket that you can listen to for free and download online.

Here are whah best personal development books for kids that will help them become thoughtful, industrious, and responsible adults. If you can see this, please share this post with the buttons below :. Recent Articles. Follow roliedema.

Danger #1: Sharing too much

Other concerns of social networking sites: Lack of age-verification mechanisms. Posting provocative pictures and videos. Easy access for predators and cyberbullies. Excessive or addictive access. Access to unhealthy “groups”. Mar 02,  · Lastly, since social networking is all done on some sort of computer or mobile device, it can sometimes promote too much sitting down in one spot for too long. Likewise, staring into the artificial light from a computer or phone screen at night can negatively affect your ability to get a proper night's sleep. Feb 29,  · When talking about the dangers of social media, cyberbullying and sexual predators get most of the press. However, there are many more subtle or hidden dangers of social media that are influencing a whole generation of teenagers as they become young adults. With 89% of teenagers having a smartphone and 70% using social media multiple times a day, these digital dangers affect well .

In the offline world, communities are typically responsible for enforcing norms of privacy and general etiquette. In the online world, new etiquette challenges abound.

On social network sites, this kind of information is now posted online —sometimes in full public view. In some cases, this information is innocuous or fake. But in other cases, disclosure reaches a level that is troubling for parents and those concerned about the safety of online teens, and once children put this information online, they will never get it back.

Teens are posting a tremendous amount of information on their online profiles, so it is vitally important that teens use strict privacy settings and are savvy about the individuals they allow to view their social networking profile.

At least they should be aware of the risks. At least they should use the privacy tools built into the sites to keep people they don't know from accessing their information and their data. And at least moms and dads should learn about what they are doing. Dangers of the Social Web In the offline world, communities are typically responsible for enforcing norms of privacy and general etiquette.

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