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76 rows · Wilson is the author of many book series; her Tracy Beaker series, inaugurated in with The Story of Tracy Beaker, includes three sequels and has been adapted into four CBBC television series: The Story of Tracy Beaker, Tracy Beaker Returns, The Dumping Ground, and The Tracy Beaker Survival Files. May 10,  · Up to , Jacqueline Wilson has penned down 40 books, however, even after all these books, she hadn’t penned her breakthrough copy. It is in that Jacqueline Wilson wrote “The Story of Tracy Beaker,” a book that would take Jacqueline writing career into another level.

Jacqueline Wilson is one of Britain's most popular children's authors. Her latest book, Vicky Angel, has just been published. I had no brothers or sisters and from an early age I became one of those weird children who live in their imaginations.

I would sit in corners nattering to myself, and after I learnt to write I used to fill exercise books full of stories. For inspiration I would cut out photos of girls from pattern books and stick cardboard on the back to turn them into paper dolls, each with its own personality.

It was hard at first as everyone had already been there a year and had made friends, but after a while I came to love it. My favourite teacher was Mr Townsend. He was kind and good-looking and I had a bit of a crush. He was encouraging about my writing and painting. I was reasonably good at English, which was taken by a Miss Pierce. She was not one to praise or flatter unduly, but she taught us essay structure and had a way of gently pointing you in the way of authors worth reading.

Had I known about sixth-form colleges or techs, I would have continued. I then spent a year at secretarial college before I replied how to watch 3d video in vlc player an ad for teenage magazine writers in the Evening Standard; I sold my very first story for three guineas, then wrote a few more, before being offered a full-time job at the magazine.

I guess I was just very lucky. Education Schools Teachers Universities Students. Children and teenagers. My inspiration: Jacqueline Wilson. John Crace. Reuse this content.

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About the Author. Jacqueline Wilson wrote her first novel when she was nine years old, and she has been writing ever since. She is now one of Britain’s bestselling and most beloved children’s authors. She has written over books and is the creator of characters such as Tracy Beaker and Hetty Feather. Nov 21,  · Jacqueline Wilson is one of Britain's most popular children's authors. Her latest book, Vicky Angel, has just been published. "I was born in Bath, but we . Jun 01,  · The Jacqueline Wilson Quiz Book. Lola Rose. Midnight. Best Friends. The Diamond Girls. The World Of Jacqueline Wilson. Clean Break. Love Lessons. Candyfloss. Kiss. Totally Jacqueline Wilson. My Sister Jodie. Cookie. Little Darlings. The Longest Whale Song. Lily.

No catches, no fine print just unconditional book loving for your children with their favourites saved to their own digital bookshelf. Andrew Jennings. Jacqueline Wilson wrote her first novel when she was nine years old, and she has been writing ever since. She has written over books and is the creator of characters such as Tracy Beaker and Hetty Feather.

More than forty million copies of her books have been sold. Jacqueline is also a great reader, and has amassed over 20, books, along with her famous collection of silver rings. Jacqueline Wilson was our Guest Editor in February Click here to download an interview with Jacqueline. As with most thirteen-going-on-fourteen year olds, Frankie is a mess of emotions, resenting her dad for leaving her mum, but needing him too; happy with her childhood friend Sam, but alarmed when he seems to want to change their relationship into something else; and above all confused by her new feelings for Sally.

Sally is even more mixed up and her desperate need for love and attention puts Frankie at risk of real hurt. Wilson creates a loving family the support her heroine though and, like so many of her characters, Frankie develops the strength to be honest about who she is and therefore emerges unscathed.

Her story is everything you expect from this writer — real, moving and enormously satisfying. Go to Jacqueline's Instagram for Love Frankie videos and links! Jacqueline Wilson is as at home writing about the past as she is writing about contemporary times and this story of Mona growing up in the s is full of her trademarks: a booky little heroine, an unconventional family, creativity rewarded, and the importance of love and honesty.

Mona lives with her aunty who works her fingers to the bone as a seamstress to support her niece. With a special guest appearance by Hetty Feather this is classic Wilson and will thoroughly enchant her legions of fans. Rose is the daughter of a wealthy family — her father is a respected artist, though their wealth comes from her mother, or rather her grandfather, a mill owner.

The Victorian setting is very well described, but the real issues are timeless: friendship, family, finding your independence. Funny, touching, true, the story will appeal to Tracy Beaker fans old and new. December Book of the Month This special adventure for Hetty Feather plunges young readers into a Victorian Christmas celebration, and introduces them to or reunites them with some other favourite Wilson characters too, including Clover Moon and Rose Rivers.

A festive treat! Shirley is a bit of a misfit, a daydreamer, which irritates her mum, happiest with imaginary friends. The arrival of the three youngsters shakes up the household, and what follows is vintage Wilson, full of incident and adroitly described relationships, and with an emotional and dramatic urgency that will keep readers turning the pages compulsively until the eventual happy ending.

The problems facing Clover are particularly tough: she lives in Cripps Alley, a slum in Victorian London, her father is a drunkard and her step-mother far too handy with her fists, particularly when Clover is around. The setting is vividly described, and the supporting cast full of fascinating characters too.

June Book of the Month A fabulous, funny and moving story about the power of friendship from the mega-bestselling creator of Tracy Beaker and Hetty Feather and more recently Katy, the retelling of Susan Coolidge's classic What Katy Did. As with many of Jacqueline Wilson's novels it is full of beautiful illustrations by much-loved illustrator, Nick Sharratt. Unleash your creativity and lose yourself in this beautiful colouring book bursting with Nick Sharratt's inspirational illustrations of Jacqueline's larger-than-life characters.

Get those pencils at the ready! The wonderful world of Jacqueline Wilson is waiting for you to colour it in! As ever, the girls face all sorts of difficulties and dangers, but with the help of friends - both old and new — find themselves somewhere to call home. The Hetty Feather stories provide a gentle insight into the hardships of Victorian life, but touch too on the issues that are always important to young readers: friends, family and love.

She echoes the original closely: both Katys are bright, headstrong, daydreamers with big imaginations, unable to avoid trouble. Young readers will love it, and it will get them thinking too. One of our Books of the Year January Book of the Month Best-selling Jacqueline Wilson unfolds a compelling new story about the importance of both family and friends. Tina is the youngest and the smallest of the triplets.

She was so little when she was a baby and so ill that she very nearly died. Tina and her triplet sisters Phil and Maddie have always done everything together so, even though they just starting in the juniors, Mum is still very protective of her.

But the scary teacher separates the triplets and Tina has to learn to manage on her own. Can she do it? Especially when she has to sit next to the ferocious Selma?

Helped by butterflies, Tina finds a way to win through and, in doing so, to become far stronger than she has ever thought possible. Now she must work at the Fairy Glen sweet factory rather than study. The future looks bleak but in fact it is the beginning of a new chapter for Opal. Meeting Emmeline Pankhurst and the suffragettes shows her the new opportunities for women that are on the horizon.

And she falls in love…When everything is thrown into turmoil by the war, Opal has her share of grief but finds there are new horizons waiting for her afterwards. Jacqueline Wilson's Happy Holidays is the perfect read for any fan. It's packed with brilliant short stories, puzzles, facts and activities all about summer holidays, and includes a very special brand-new story from Jacqueline.

Join Tracy, Hetty and all your other favourite characters for the best summer ever! February Book of the Month Best-selling Jacqueline Wilson unfolds a compelling new story about the importance of both family and friends.

The Jacqueline Wilson Christmas Cracker is packed with brilliant Christmas stories, including a brand-new tale from Jacqueline, and classic favourite Starring Tracy Beaker, in which Jacqueline's most famous heroine gets the lead part in her Christmas play!

There are festive puzzles, tasty Christmas recipes, perfect present tips, and fun Christmas facts. Merry Christmas from Jacqueline Wilson! The treasury includes favourite stories such as Lizzie Zipmouth and The Cat Mummy which are ideal for newly confident readers. The fourth in the Hetty Feather series following the turmoils and adventures of a foundling girl in Victorian London. Click here for the full series. May Book of the Month A funny, moving and heart-warming story of four children who discover a way to make wishes come true.

Echoing the classic E Nesbit novel, Five Children and It, this new story from this mega-selling author, winner of the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize, is a brilliant read not just for those familiar with the original book but for any of Wilson's millions of fans.

Best-selling Jacqueline Wilson understands perfectly how the needle sharp jealousy of sisters is matched only by the strength of their underlying affection. Marty and Melissa are not in the least little bit like each other; Marty is a tomboy and Melissa is as girlie as a girl can be.

What on earth will happen when they have to share a bedroom? What looks like a disaster turns out surprisingly well as the girls learn just how important they are to one another — despite their differences! Best-selling Jacqueline Wilson adds a new chapter to her story of feisty Hetty Feather, a foundling child who bounces resiliently through life despite the many knock backs that come her way.

Having found her real mother who subsequently dies, Hetty sets out to find her real father. Is this where she belongs? The new bestseller from Jacqueline Wilson, creator of Tracy Beaker, Hetty Feather and The Illustrated Mum, is a funny, moving and heart-warming story of four children who discover a way to make wishes come true.

You can find out more about this book by visiting the publisher's website mykindabook. A Lovereading4kids 'Great Read' you may have missed selection. Best selling Jacqueline Wilson tells a dramatic new story as Lily struggles to look after her younger siblings and herself after Mum goes missing.

Hetty will never be satisfied until she can fulfil all her dreams and ambitions in a Victorian world vividly brought to life. Click here for the first adventure. Best-selling Jacqueline Wilson captures a welter of emotions in this heart-rending story of how Ella copes when her mother is in a coma.

But, when the baby is born and things go so wrong for her mother, Ella learns courage and kindness and that some things — especially having a step dad - are better than she had thought. In this story, Jacqueline Wilson brilliantly handles many of the ingredients for which she is so deservedly popular.

Dumped by her parents at Evergreen Summer Camp, Stella is sure she is going to have a miserable time. But, despite herself, she finds she not only makes great new friends but also starts to really enjoy herself.

A funny and warm hearted story from best-selling Jacqueline Wilson. Stella is dreading going to Evergreen. What else can go wrong?

Fabulous reissue of an absolute gem of a book by on of the bestselling authors of all time but this is one of the very few titles by Jacqueline Wilson suitable for newly fluent readers. Still with colour illustrations on every page it introduces chapters to the reader. My Brother Bernadette is part of Egmont's Red Bananas series and there are plenty of others in the bunch as well.

For younger and less fluent readers why not try Egmont's Green Bananas, short stories heavily illustrated for first readers and also their Blue Bananas which are simple stories for developing readers, again with lots of illustrations. Jacqueline Wilson takes a look into the lives of celebrities in this touching story of two girls, two families and one father. But soon Destiny gets a taste of how Sunset lives and a very special friendship begins.

Two reassuring stories about family strife and overcoming your fears from a master storyteller. The first story is Twin Trouble in which Connie is unhappy because her parents are having a baby, well not one but twins.

But then someone gives her some beads which have magical properties. In the second story Connie and the Waterbabies, Connies and her twin siblings go swimming except Connie hates the water. Then Nurse Meade gives Connie some more beads. And when they clack together, suddenly Connie can swim like a mermaid Best-selling Jacqueline Wilson has come up with a fresh new title in which she brilliantly handles many of the ingredients for which she is so deservedly popular.

But Mum collapses into a coma when baby Sampson is born and Ella has to manage everything on her own. How she and Jack will Mum towards recovery while also picking up the pieces of their life is sharply observed while also movingly and thoughtfully conveying the myriad emotions which Ella goes through as she comes to terms with the changes in her life.

Best-selling author Jacqueline Wilson shows that her story-telling touch is just as sure when she turns to history as it is in her contemporary novels. As usual, Jacqueline Wilson uses a first person story telling voice as Foundling Hetty Feather tells the story of her life from the moment of her abandonment as a baby to the adventures she has growing up in the famous Foundling Hospital in Coram Fields and finally finding a new life for herself. A gripping story in its own right, Hetty Feather also brings the past with its mixture of extreme poverty and hardship and great kindness vividly to life.

Hetty Feather 2. Sapphire Battersea 3.

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