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A typical Janjaweed raid would open with an attack by the Sudanese air force, with helicopter gunships or Antonov bombers targeting civilian settlements. Within hours, mounted Janjaweed would sweep into the area, killing and mutilating the men, raping the women, and killing or . Jul 23,  · Janjaweed militiamen are primarily members of nomadic “Arab” tribes who’ve long been at odds with Darfur’s settled “African” farmers, who are darker-skinned. (The labels Arab and African are rather Author: Brendan Koerner.

But beyond these clips of words and phrases and images, do we really know who the Janjaweed are? Where they come from? What what do the janjaweed do do they truly play in this conflict and do they play this role?

If we want to end the crisis in Darfur, we need to understand where these actors are coming from. The Janjaweed come largely from a northern Darfur tribe called the Rizeygat. Very little is known about them except they are nomadic camel-herders. They are incredibly isolated and have been excluded, neglected, and manipulated by the Government of Sudan. They have little to no access to education, healthcare, political representation, etc. As nomadic herders, the Rizeygats travel across Darfur and cross paths frequently with tribes more sedentary farming tribes like the Fur, Zaghawa, and Massalit.

Over history, they have intermarried with these tribes, cooperated with these tribes, and have also competed and clashed many times with these tribes over issues of what are the best food types for providing energy. So inwhen rebel groups from the Fur, Massalit, and Zaghawa tribes attacked a government airbase in Darfur, the government decided to go to the Rizeygat and offered their militiamen salaries, weapons, and support for carrying out their military campaign against the Fur, Zaghawa, and Massalit.

The government has also worked to highlight and leverage ethnic differences between the tribes, polarizing them greatly in a short time. This has created a great amount of resentment among the Rizeygat who only see aid workers helping displaced Fur, Massalit, and Zaghawa and not their tribes.

So now that we know where the Janjaweed come from, how do we bring them off the path of destructive and genocidal violence? The Rizeygat community who is not participating in the Janjaweed needs to be incorporated into the peace process and recognized as a significant player.

We can encourage a new generation of leadership that stays away from militarization as a livelihood and way of survival. And we can encourage that culture of non-militarized existence by helping this community get access to water, good education, and political representation and accountability. This is one way we can work to cool the flame of conflict not just in this generation, but in generations to come.

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A guide to the Sudanese militiamen.

Supplied with arms and communications equipment by Sudanese military intelligence, the highly mobile Janjaweed forces turned the tide of battle in Darfur. They routed the SLA and conducted what was described by international observers as an ethnic cleansing of the Fur, Masalit, and Zaghawa peoples. Furthermore, when did the Janjaweed attack Darfur? In July and August , large swathes of North . Jun 18,  · The Janjaweed has a strong link to the current crisis. This is because for the past six years the government of former president Omar al-Bashir officially organised the Author: Tsega Etefa. Dec 05,  · The Janjaweed come largely from a northern Darfur tribe called the Rizeygat. Very little is known about them except they are nomadic camel-herders. They are incredibly isolated and have been excluded, neglected, and manipulated by the Government of Sudan. They have little to no access to education, healthcare, political representation, etc.

Genocide is a deliberate, co-ordinated plan to destroy a group of people, usually members of a certain national, ethnic or religious group. The Holocaust was a genocide. The Convention came into force on 12 January It will then provide an explanation of a number of genocides perpetrated across the world since What lessons can we draw from the Holocaust, a catastrophe that happened in the middle of the 20th century?

Since there have been genocides and examples of ethnic cleansing throughout the world. Prior to the Holocaust we can also identify examples with similar characteristics. The problem is universal. Genocide is a process which unfolds in stages. In the case of the Holocaust, Jews in Germany were singled out for persecution long before the systematic murder of European Jews occurred.

German Jews were banned from certain professions, banned from marrying non-Jews, and subject to attack. Antisemitic propaganda was directed at the community. Jewish-owned property was seized. Later, during the Second World War, Jews in Nazi-occupied areas were also subjected to these measures and isolated in Ghettos prior to the start of the Holocaust.

Professor Gregory H. Stanton, president of Genocide Watch and a major scholar in genocide education and prevention, has identified eight stages in genocides. He argues that at each stage, preventive measures can stop it. It was coined by a Polish-Jewish lawyer named Raphael Lemkin pictured above , who sought to describe Nazi policies of systematic murder, including the destruction of European Jews.

Between 65, and , Herero and 10, Nama were killed. Following a rebellion in January by the Herero people against brutal German colonial rule, General Lothar von Trotha issued an order that all Herero men should be executed, and women and children led into the desert and left to die slowly.

German forces poisoned some of their victims, and destroyed the few wells in the desert. A rebellion of the Namaqua people followed in October , and also resulted in mass extermination committed by the German army. The 15, Herero and Namaqua mainly women and children and very few men who survived, were gathered by the Germans and led to concentration camps.

One of these was Shark Island Concentration Camp. The prisoners were forced into hard labour as slaves for German businesses. They were given some rice for their efforts, but nothing more. Many died as a result of the poor diet and severely exhaustive work. Most of the dead were women and children. I am not going to show mercy to anyone. Image: Southwest African Prisoners of war guarded by German troops, postcard c.

The Armenian Genocide was the systematic expulsion and murder by the Ottoman government of around one and a half million Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire now Turkey. During the war, hostility grew against the Armenian community, a Christian religious minority suspected of not being loyal to the government. Armenians were forced from their homes and sent on marches to remote desert areas, where killing squads murdered them.

Many children were kidnapped, sent to live with Turkish families and forced to convert to Islam. The homes of Armenians were seized. By , fewer than , Armenians remained in the area we now know as Turkey. These events are classed by most historians as genocide, but the current Turkish state denies this. In , on the eve of launching the invasion of Poland at the start of the Second World War, Hitler produced a memo on his decision to attack Poland.

Only thus shall we gain the living space Lebensraum which we need. Ottoman military forces march Armenian men to an execution site, March June Image courtesy of www. During to the Khmer Rouge, the Communist party in Cambodia, led by Pol Pot , committed genocide against an estimated two million Cambodians.

They organised the mass killings of potential political enemies and ethnic minorities. The Khmer Rouge targeted civil servants, former government soldiers, Buddhist monks, intellectuals and professionals.

They also murdered many from within their own ranks of whom they were suspicious. In addition, the regime sought out Cambodians who also had Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai ancestry. Religion was outlawed as half of the Muslim population was murdered, as were 8, Christians. Buddhism was eliminated from the country. Much of the population was forced to work on collective farms.

Children were taken from their parents and forced to work in labour camps. Whole populations of towns and villages were made to leave their homes. Anyone who refused to leave or did not leave quickly enough was killed. In only days in , over , mainly Tutsi Rwandans were murdered in a pre-planned and state-sponsored genocide.

The Hutu-dominated government and others in the political elite orchestrated the genocide, but civilians also participated. Years of rivalry between the majority and the minority Tutsi population forms the background to the Rwandan genocide. In the past Rwanda had been a Belgian colony. The Belgians had favoured the Tutsi minority group because of their supposed European appearance.

At first, supported by the Belgians, the Tutsis had controlled Rwanda. However, between and the majority Hutu people had rebelled and overthrown the Tutsi government. The minority Tutsis had then been treated poorly as a result. In a rebel group composed mainly of Tutsis based in neighbouring Uganda invaded northern Rwanda. The civil war that followed led to increased ethnic tensions within Rwanda.

Over the next four years the Hutu leadership used propaganda to assert that the Tutsis were planning to turn the Hutus into slaves. The message was that the Tutsis should be resisted. The massacre occurred during the Bosnian War of , which was part of the break-up of Yugoslavia. Bosnia-Herzegovina used to be part of a country in the Balkans called Yugoslavia which was made up of six different regions, including Serbia and Croatia.

From , Yugoslavia began to disintegrate. Bosnia-Herzegovina declared independence in However, the Bosnian Serb population saw their future as being joined with Serbia, now an independent neighbouring state. A civil war began during which the Serbs isolated Bosnian Muslims and started exterminating them. Drawings collected by Waging Peace researcher Anna Schmitt. The Darfur Genocide is the ongoing mass murder and rape of Dafuris in the Dafur region of western Sudan.

For many years there has been tension over land and grazing rights between the mostly nomadic Arabs, and the black African farmers. The current conflict began when the Sudan Liberation Army accused the Sudanese government of oppressing black Africans in favour of Arabs. They began attacking government targets in early In Sudan Janjaweed fighters have been used to drive out black Africans. Refugees report that air raids by government aircraft are followed by attacks from the militia.

They enter the villages, kill men, rape the women and steal whatever they could find. The Darfuris say the militias patrol outside the camps and men are killed and women raped if they venture too far in search of firewood or water.

The United Nations has estimated that more than 2. These atrocities have been condemned as genocide by human rights groups, the International Criminal Court and several governments around the world.

He has been charged with war crimes, crimes against humanity and leading a genocide, but remains a free man. On 19 April , the beginning of the liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto was met with organised armed resistance by its residents.

On 30 April , Hitler took his own life in his bunker underneath the Reich chancellery in Berlin. Visit The Wiener Holocaust Library. Section: What was the Holocaust? What was the Holocaust? Life before the Holocaust Antisemitism How did the Nazis rise to power? Life in Nazi-controlled Europe What were the ghettos and camps? How and why did the Holocaust happen? Resistance, responses and collaboration Survival and legacy Resources Educational Resources Timeline Survivor testimonies About us How to use this site.

Advanced content hidden Showing advanced content. Acts of genocide include: Killing members of the group Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group.

Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group. The genocide section of The Holocaust Explained will firstly explain the stages of genocide. The order for the genocide of the Herero and Namaqu was given by General Trotha. Armenians being marched away to their deaths in the desert Image courtesy of www.

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