what is the biggest black bear ever recorded

Wikipedia says that, “The biggest wild American black bear ever recorded was a male from New Brunswick, shot in November , that weighed lb after it had been dressed, meaning it weighed an estimated 1, lb in life, and measured ( ft long.).”. May 15,  · Chad Reed killed this 22 11/16 B&C black bear in Bradford County, Pa. The bear weighed a whopping pounds. For more trophy records or conservation information, stop by Boone & .

How big are they? The current World Record black bear is an lb. There have been more than a dozen bears over lbs recorded and dozens more over lbs harvested in the coastal whxt of North Carolina. In most of their North American range, an adult female black bear weighs an average of lbs and an adult male weighs an average of lbs.

Coastal female, sowbears sometimes weigh lbs or more with the state record sow, from Washington Countyrecorded in at lbs. There are three major reasons our bears get to such large proportions. First of all, consider that the diet evfr bears in most areas consists evfr mostly berries, nuts, grasses, insect larvae, and carrion, black bears are perhaps the least carnivorous of the carnivores.

By contrast, coastal North Carolina bears supplement their normal bear diet by gorging themselves on high protein agricultural crops growing in the fertile soils of the coastal plain. Their favorite of these foods include wheat, corn, and peanuts. The second reason these coastal black bear grow so big is how to build a website with wordpress 2012 mild climate.

While bears in most of the continent hibernate for long periods of time and can even go 7 months without eating or eliminating waste, an amazing evsr in itself. Coastal North Carolina bears enjoy mild winters and have short periods of inactivity, particularly during spells of inclement weather.

Sows den up for a short time and give birth to their ix in January, but compared with bears in colder climates, North Carolina's coastal black bears spend many more days actively enjoying the mild weather and abundant food supply! The third factor in producing such enormous black bears is habitat. Much of coastal North Carolina is sparsely populated by humans.

The major features of the coastal plain are vast timber holdings, equally vast farms, but more importantly for bears are the extensive swamps. The peninsula also contains the largest wetland complex in the State and the largest pocosin swamp in the world. Is it any wonder that coastal North Carolina is home the world's largest black bears? Not only are these coastal how to make flying paper airplanes huge, but they are also abundant!

There are an estimated 8, bears in this area. It is also interesting to note that black bears have the largest range of any large four-legged mammal in North America other than whitetail deer. They are found in 40 of the 50 states and all of the Canadian provinces. Some people find bears intimidating or even scary, while others find them exciting and entertaining to watch. Black bears are highly intelligent, curious, and at times comical. But wherever they are spotted, the sightings become a topic of conversation.

In North Carolina, black bears are a symbol of The Wild. They remind us that despite our civilized, computerized, and technological take-over of this land, there remains a portion undisturbed by man and populated with God's creatures.

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North Carolina’s coastal black bears average lbs or more than their cousins. The current World Record black bear is an lb. giant from Eastern North Carolina recorded in There have been more than a dozen bears over lbs recorded and dozens more over lbs harvested in the coastal region of North Carolina. May 10,  · "The largest black bear ever harvested in North America was pounds, and that was actually harvested on the coast of North Carolina," McVey said. "I think it was back in the ‘90s, or early.

A hunter in Alaska has been credited with killing a record grizzly bear, according to Boone and Crockett Club officials. Exceptionally large males have been known to weigh lbs kg. Lifespan: Average lifespan is around ten years, though black bears can live upward of 30 years in the wild.

Forget Alaska and put Minnesota out of your mind: the largest black bears in North America are found in Pennsylvania. Just ask Robert Christian. The heaviest black bear ever recorded in Pennsylvania was shot and killed by a bowhunter just north of Fernwood Resort in Pike County on Monday. The Pennsylvania Game Commission confirmed that David Price of Barrett Township killed the year-old bruin, which had an estimated live weight of pounds.

The Glock 20 chambered in 10mm has become a popular carry choice in bear country. The author carries a Glock 17 in 9mm or a Ruger in.

American Black Bear. The American black bear is the most commonly seen bear in North America, and it has the largest geographic range. Black bears can be found as far south as central Mexico and as far north as northern Alaska and most of Canada.

A female may mate with several males during a short estrus period and cubs from the same litter may have different fathers. A female black bear can produce a litter of up to five cubs every 2 years. The average number of cubs is 2 or 3. In Minnesota, 2. Some species are more aggressive than others; sloth bears, Asiatic black bears, and brown bears are more likely to injure people than other species, and the American black bear is comparatively timid.

Because of this, black bears are generally considered more dangerous than sympatric brown bears, which live in more open spaces and are thus less likely to be surprised by approaching humans. They are also likely to attack when protecting food. The largest recorded wild male weighed kg 1, lb , and had a hind foot measurement of 46 cm 18 in. A large male Kodiak bear stands up to 1. When standing fully upright on its hind legs, a large male could reach a height of 3 m 9. The largest polar bear on record, reportedly weighing 1, kg 2, lb , was a male shot at Kotzebue Sound in northwestern Alaska in This specimen, when mounted, stood 3.

The shoulder height of an adult polar bear is to cm 4 ft 0 in to 5 ft 3 in. Because they did not kill large animals very easily some writers said that it could take up to 35 shots to kill one elephant , elephant guns were soon made into larger caliber black powder smoothbores. Bear spray is a very effective deterrent when used properly. In a review of bear attacks in Alaska from —, Smith et al.

The 46 defense is an American football defensive formation, an eight men in the box defense, with six players along the line of scrimmage 4 playing line technique, 2 in a linebacker technique. There are two players at linebacker depth playing linebacker technique, and then three defensive backs. Most reported cases of man-eaters have involved lions, tigers, leopards, and crocodilians. However, they are by no means the only predators that will attack humans if given the chance; a wide variety of species have also been known to adopt humans as usual prey, including bears, Komodo dragons and hyenas.

Pandas rely primarily on spatial memory rather than visual memory. Though the panda is often assumed to be docile, it has been known to attack humans, presumably out of irritation rather than aggression.

Rabid wolves usually act alone, traveling large distances and often biting large numbers of people and domestic animals. Most rabid wolf attacks occur in the spring and autumn periods. Unlike with predatory attacks, the victims of rabid wolves are not eaten, and the attacks generally only occur on a single day.

Known predators of bear cubs have included bobcats, coyotes, cougars, gray wolves, brown bears and other bears of their own species. Once out of hibernation, mother bears may be able to fight off most potential predators.

The California grizzly bear Ursus arctos californicus is an extinct subspecies of the grizzly bear, the very large North American brown bear. The brown bear is recognized as a national and state animal in several European countries. Home » Buildings. Like this post? Please share to your friends:. Since , the greatest eight digit number is Which is largest 8 digit. What is the tallest dog gate on the market?

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