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DVD region code

The PAL standard was developed in Germany and is widely used in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. If you are creating DVD content for viewing predominantly in the regions listed above then you should look at creating a PAL format disc with a frame rate of 25 frames per second and a resolution of x pixels. Jan 31,  · Cameroon Italy Portugal United Kingdom Canary Islands Jordan Qatar Uruguay Croatia Kenya Romania West Germany Cyprus Kuwait Serbia Zambia Denmark Laos Singapore Zimbabwe. All DVD players sold in PAL countries play both types of disc formats. Most NTSC DVD players cannot play PAL File Size: KB.

As with a large amount of commercial media, Nintendo games have different regional formats to discourage importing and to fit the corresponding region's video formats. These restrictions can be bypassed however with a variety of exploits, though at the user's own risk. Older consoles which took cartridges simply had cartridges of different shapes.

For example, Japanese Famicom cartridges were much smaller and had fewer pins than American NES carts, though convertors were made, not to mention older NES carts with convertor boards in them were used to adapt games. Circumvention of these regional ths was slightly easier due to devices such as the Action Replay and Freeloader which simply disabled the lockout on the GameCubes made importation favorable to some.

A region code disabler through the Homebrew Channel is available on the Wii for playing import games. Note: These games will usually work perfectly on American consoles and vice versa without conversion issues using a lockout disabler due to both video formats being identical NTSC. Note that games of Japanese origin as well as systems are usually released in this region second, with American origin games being released in this region first.

Games can be imported into NTSC territories, but pql have conversion issues when using a convertor and lockout disabler due to the regiob video formats. This wiki. This wiki All how to make a hello kitty bow. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Regions [ Edit ] [ Talk ]. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. This is a Class A article. It is completely up to code, and should require very little editing.

What Is a NTSC DVD?

Feb 25,  · Most DVD players and TVs sold in countries that utilize the PAL format can play two formats, but don't forget the area code restrictions. For example, a standard UK DVD player (PAL Region 2 only) can play Japanese NTSC DVDs that are also Region 2, but cannot play Region 1 . rows · Television Systems compared worldwide - different colour subcarrier frequency. .

In other words, if a disc is inserted into a player that originated from another region, it will not play because the region code does not match that of the player. There are a handful of different reasons as to why region codes are used to restrict the playback of discs.

The first and foremost reason is the fact that new films nearly always have different release dates sometimes months apart for different areas of the world. Movie production companies and movie studios as well as the general box office utilize region coding in an attempt to prevent losses that could be incurred if certain areas of the world had premature access to unreleased films. For example, when a film has been in North American theaters for quite some time and is ready to be released to Blu-ray or DVD, it may have not yet even had its official UK theater release.

Region coding helps deter this practice, thereby allowing vested parties to reap maximum profits. This also applies to differences in currency value, preventing people from paying much less for movies by ordering them from a country where the monetary exchange rate is very high. Aside from profitability, there are other reasons for the use of region codes.

Governments and Religious Groups in other regions of the world often have strict authority over what type of content is acceptable for viewing. In these areas, region coding is effectively leveraged to censor content that is considered to be unethical, improper, or undesirable. This is explained below to provide you with an accurate understanding. In total, there are 3 separate Blu-Ray region codes. Blu-ray discs that have been manufactured in region A are embedded with region code A, and are therefore only usable with players from region A.

The same is applicable for regions B and C. Below is a map showing how Blu-ray region codes are separated and administered by geographic location.

Guide map of Blu-ray region codes. This map shows the different Blu-ray codes and which areas they are utilized in. Click the map to view in full-size. There are 6 individual region codes with which DVDs are embedded. These 6 region codes function in the same way as Blu-ray region codes. A DVD disc from region 1 would be encoded as region code 1 and is therefore only operable in a DVD player that originated from region 1.

The same is true for region 2, region 3, and so on and so forth, all the way to region 6. The map below shows how DVD region codes are separated and administered by geographic location. As of right now, 4k movies titles are not region coded. With a 4k Blu-ray Player, you shold be able to play a 4k Blu-ray disc from anywhere in the world. As a side note, there are technically 3 other region codes aside from regions These are region 0, region 7 and region 8.

Region 0 means that no type of region code has been embedded, or that the disc has been embedded for regions 1 through 6. Region 7 is reserved mainly for future use. Region 8 is employed only for international use and therefore only utilized for discs used by airline or cruise ship industries. In general, the consumer only needs to be concerned with discs from region as they are the only type to be sold commercially.

For more information on Blu-ray and DVD region codes, purchasing a region-free Blu-ray DVD player, how region codes apply to you, and exactly what you need to have in order to watch discs from other regions, please check out our Region-Free Buying Guide. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Contact Us.

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