what to say to someone who just got engaged

170 Best Engagement Wishes – Beautiful Quotes to Congratulate

Jul 24,  · Well then, I suppose you may want to pick from some of these ideas, to congratulate your newly engaged friend. You can wax philosophical for a little bit and tell them how legitimately happy you are that they are happy. You can and should send them a congratulatory card in the mail. Keep your feelings genuine and happy. Dec 28,  · Here is a look at some of the the most memorable engagement congratulations messages and quotes to get you started. “Best Wishes on your Engagement. Wishing you the very best as you begin to plan your lives together. May your sweet pair be always happy.”.

I love helping people find the perfect words for any occasion—from relationship advice to inspirational how to shave and leave stubble. Read on to find the best humorous, short, and rhyming messages of congratulations for an engagement. Victor Pinto. Congratulate a newly engaged couple by writing a sweet, funny, or rhyming message in a card, text, email, or social media post.

Funny engagement wishes can be sent to close friends and family. Write a funny message to congratulate the newly engaged couple and give them a reason to giggle. Be sure that they are the kind of people who won't take offense at some light-hearted humor. Weddings and proposals are probably the most memorable aspects of an engagement, but a sweet message of congratulations will not be unappreciated!

Cor Dulce. It's one thing to buy a card straight off the shelves to congratulate someone for their engagement, but you can take the art of congratulating the happy couple to a whole new level by creating your own wish in the form of a short message or even a poem.

Pick up a pen and allow your feelings to flow from your heart onto the paper to wish a newly engaged couple congratulations and good luck. Here are some awesome ideas:. Congratulate the happy couple with a card, letter, email, or text to let them know how excited you are about their engagement.

Nathan Dumlao. Fabulous list, how to be romantic with your girlfriend at school ideas. This is inspiring! Greeting Card Messages. Thank You. Get Well. Party Planning. Baby Showers. Mother's Day. Father's Day. New Years. Valentine's Day. Chinese New Year. Patrick's Day. Gift Ideas. Related Articles. By princesswithapen. By Blake Flannery.

By Paula. By Oyewole Folarin.

Engagement Wishes for Newly Engaged Couples

Hrm, and then what do you say? Well then, I suppose you may want to pick from some of these ideas, to congratulate your newly engaged friend. This is a guest post by Anne Keery. Anne can be found at UniqueGifter.

No problem. She can also be found on twitter ugifter , talking about money, skiing and food. Weddings involve a lot of emotion and surprisingly, financial etiquette.

I struggle to think of an event more laced with emotional land mines than a wedding. A recent Vogue. Wedding gifts are a discretionary expense and you should only gift something that you can comfortably fit into your budget.

With that being said, I know plenty of friends who received thousands in cash from all of their middle-aged family members. Which usually gets used for a home downpayment! This one is tricky, as traveling for weddings especially multiple ones in a season can get expensive and fast. With that being said, I generally do gift more in dollar amount to those friends whose weddings are local. I also still gift something smaller even when travel is involved.

A long time ago, I gave a girlfriend a gift card as a wedding present. And she was actually very mad at me about it. Sure, some may view gift cards as a cop out, but honestly, if you think that…you need to get over it.

Below are just a few reasons why I, personally, always go the gift card route. I gooogled it — feel free to give as many wedding gift cards as you like.

Below are my favorite gift card ideas for newlyweds. A few of these ideas I pulled from my own experience when I got married at the end of Examples : Amazon. The TL:DR: While not the sexiest or most exciting gift, these gifts are always a hit because they go to good use.

Also speaking from experience, weddings and honeymoons are very expensive endeavors, so having gifts that can ease the financial burden in the weeks following the big day are always appreciated. Examples: Wayfair. Often, newlyweds and homeowners need help offsetting the cost of homeownership: from maintenance to new furniture. The beauty of gift cards is that they can be pooled together for a more expensive item, or used for unexpected expenses — like when the microwave dies or the newlyweds want to install a new lock or security system.

Is it sexy? Are these types of gifts highly used and appreciated? We got three different gift cards for movie theatres and restaurants each with a card telling us to enjoy a date night on the gift giver. How cute, right? Examples: Hotels. Travel also gets very expensive, so every little bit counts. Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts come from off- registry purchases. I almost always do an AmEx Or Amazon gift card, or a gift card to one of the stores on their registry.

Recently on my Instagram stories, you may have seen me highlight a bunch of colorful, unique, and best of all affordable wedding gifts. These gifts are perfect for brides and grooms who have fun tastes and you want to give them something more personal than steak knives or a microwave. Best of all, fun art prints or a decorative tray shows consideration without breaking the bank. I mentioned on Instagram that for the price, I was a little skeptical of the quality, but was quite pleasantly surprised.

All of the framing and trays are made of high quality, nice wood. I was also tempted by the cutting boards and their bedding options. In theory, you should at least get them a small token. I have brought my gift to the shower instead of the wedding. Although some consider this tacky, I was just informed this is wrong by my friend Jackie and then I later confirmed it via The Huffington Post. Three months, according to Real Simple.

But please, always do send a thank you note. But if you decide to travel here are some ways you can save. I use Unroll.

Plus Delta is based here in ATL! Do you have friends or acquaintances that will be at the same wedding? I know the older you get, the less desirable sharing a room becomes, but the money you can save can go toward a gift or toward the cost of traveling to other wedding-related events. Having a separate savings account and automating monthly payments into it, is one of my favorite ways to save for travel.

CIT Bank should be your only option this is where I keep my savings, too! Click here to learn more about their Savings Builder program. This is one of my favorite ways to use money-saving apps. Want to save time on expense tracking? Trim automatically analyzes your expenses to see where you can save, but it also tracks your budget to see where your money goes as well. Click here to download Trim.

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